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        Date: 2022-06-07 09:42:19+00:00
        From: AEOLIAN Project <>
        Subject: AEOLIAN Network: survey on the use and non-use of computational research methods applied to digitised and/or born-digital materials

Dear list members,

The AEOLIAN network is looking for participants to take a survey on the use and
non-use of computational research methods applied to digitised and/or born-
digital materials. The survey is designed for digital humanists, social
scientists, and anyone else who uses digitised and born-digital collections.
Please circulate widely.

The results of the survey and optional follow up interviews will form the basis
of an Open-Access academic publication, to be co-authored by Dr Lise Jaillant
(AEOLIAN UK PI) and Dr Katherine Aske (Research Assistant) at Loughborough

You should have experience working with digitised and/or born-digital data in a
research capacity. We are interested in all kinds of profiles. This could
include students, more senior academics, researchers in libraries and archival

The participation information, consent form and survey, can be found here:

The survey will be open from 6 June to 27 June at 6pm (UK time).

The purpose of this study is to gather information relating to user experiences
of computational research methods. By computational research methods we mean
using digital data at scale and applying research methods such as text mining,
algorithms, modelling, programming, machine learning, artificial intelligence
(AI), and other approaches to digital data at scale. The collected data will
form the basis for a scholarly article, which will be published in a peer-
reviewed journal. The data may also be used in further AEOLIAN research outputs.
More information about the AEOLIAN project can be found on the website:

The study aims to collect data on user knowledge and experience of computational
research methods; whether the use of such methods has been formally taught or
self-taught; whether there is a knowledge gap preventing such research methods
being applied to data by researchers; and whether some researchers using
digitised or born-digital materials are deliberately not applying such methods
in preference of more traditional approaches to researching digital materials
(such as close-reading and historical analysis).

The survey is also designed to gauge the level of accessibility of digitised and
born-digital archival collections, for the purpose of applying computational
research methods.

Thank you,

Best wishes,
Katie Aske and Lise Jaillant

Dr Katherine Aske (she/her)
Research Assistant, AEOLIAN<> and
AURA<> Projects.
Postdoctoral Fellow for EyCon<> (Visual AI and
Early Conflict Photography).
School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Loughborough University
Sometimes I may email outside of normal office hours; please note that I have no
expectation of a reply outside of office hours.

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