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        Date: 2023-04-26 14:52:18+00:00
        From: Helmond, A. (Anne) <>
        Subject: Assistant Professor Cultural AI & Computational Methods (1.0 FTE)

Hi everyone,

We have a vacancy for an Assistant Professor Cultural AI & Computational
Methods (1.0 FTE) at Utrecht University, the Netherlands, at the
Department of Media and Culture Studies.

We are looking for a new colleague specializing in cultural AI and
computational methods. The candidate for this position combines
computational skills with a critical perspective on how AI shapes
transformations in media, art and culture (AI for culture) and how
media, art and culture can shape AI (culture for AI), with special
consideration for AI’s ethical implications. We invite applications from
researchers with experience in teaching on critical data and algorithm
studies, and with practical skills in machine learning practices,
programming languages and recommender systems. The applicant has a
background in media studies, communication studies or Digital
Humanities. A successful candidate will contribute to interdisciplinary
research and teaching within the Faculty of Humanities and beyond.

Application deadline:  26 May 2023.
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