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Humanist Archives: June 7, 2022, 7:45 a.m. Humanist 36.55 - pubs cfp: Handbook of Automated Futures (De Gruyter)

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        Date: 2022-06-07 06:35:51+00:00
        From: Martin Berg <>
        Subject: Call for chapters — The De Gruyter Handbook of Automated Futures

Dear all,

This is just a reminder that the deadline for abstract submission for
The De Gruyter Handbook of Automated Futures is approaching.

Welcome to submit your abstract no later than June 10. See below for
further information.

Best wishes,

Martin Berg

> 2 maj 2022 kl. 10:33 skrev Martin Berg <>:
> Dear colleagues,
> What does automation do with us, our environment, and our imaginaries? What do
we do, conversely, with automation, its environments, and its imaginative
worlds? In addition to grand narratives and technology-driven design visions
about the future, what else can automation offer? The growing prevalence of
automated and algorithmic systems geared towards transforming humankind’s future
has raised critical questions for scholars in the social sciences and
> The De Gruyter Handbook of Automated Futures addresses these questions while
complicating the techno-solutionist narratives that frame automation discourse
in industry and policy circles. The handbook will be a comprehensive guide to
imaginaries and interactions with automation technologies that cuts across
different fields and disciplines, along with critical explorations of their
potential impact. Importantly, it is grounded in a pedagogy that integrates
perspectives at both philosophical and practical levels – from the understanding
of automated futures to the development of skills and value judgments.
> My colleague Vaike Fors and I are editing this handbook, and we are inviting
you to submit an abstract!
> Deadline for abstracts is June 10, 2022. Feel free to reach out if you have
any questions! The full call can be accessed on:
> Please consider submitting an abstract and sharing this call in your networks!
> (Apologies for cross-posting!)
> All the best wishes,
> Martin Berg
> —
> Professor Martin Berg
> Department of Computer Science and Media Technology
> Malmö University

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