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        Date: 2023-04-13 06:02:19+00:00
        From: Kimberley Martin <>
        Subject: Registration open for DH@Guelph Summer Workshops, May 9th-12th, 2023

DH@Guelph is thrilled to announce a return to in-person summer workshops!

The DH@Guelph Summer Workshops will run over four days, May 9th-12th,
2023.Registration is now open
we hope you can join us for what promises to be an exciting week.

This year we are experimenting with offering some modular workshops
alongside our usual 4-day workshop format. See below for details on
short workshops (full-day or half-day), three-day workshops, and
four-day workshops.

The short workshops are:

   * TEI Basics
   * Introduction to Linked Open Data
   * Introduction to Zotero
   * Introduction to Research Data Management (RDM)
   * Introduction to Voyant

The three-day workshop is:

   * How to End Your Digital Project

The four-day workshops are:

   * Approaching Media Archaeology from a Digital Humanities Perspective:
     Introduction, Tools, and Techniques

   * Data modeling and TEI customization
   * Introduction to Python Data Analysis
   * Introduction to TEI Text Encoding and Editorial Workflows
   * Synchronicity: Play, Participation, Process, Product
   * Making Connections: The Semantic Web for Humanities Scholars

You can find all workshop details on the DH@Guelph website

You canregister at this link
and please don't hesitate to email dhguelph[@]
<>with any questions or concerns.

We have attached a poster and social media image, and would appreciate
it if you would circulate this to your networks.

We look forward to seeing you in May!


Kim Martin and Susan Brown

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