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        Date: 2023-04-08 05:54:00+00:00
        From: Willard McCarty <>
        Subject: DSH 38.1

Digital Scholarship in the Humanities 38.1 (April 2023)


Bias and representativeness in digitized newspaper collections:
Introducing the environmental scan border
Kaspar Beelen; Jon Lawrence; Daniel C S Wilson; David Beavan

Sentiment analysis in cross-linguistic context: How can machine
translation influence sentiment classification?
Dimitris Bilianos; George Mikros

Patronage and ideology: A corpus-assisted investigation of Eileen
Chang’s style of translating herself and the other
Fengde Chen; Defeng Li

Seeing various adventures through a mirror: Detecting translator’s
stylistic visibility in Chinese translations of Alice’s Adventure in
Yu Fang; Haitao Liu

Using named entity recognition and network analysis to distinguish
personal networks from the social milieu in nineteenth-century
Ottoman–Iraqi personal diaries border
Sam Fields ; Camille Lyans Cole; Catherine Oei; Annie T Chen

An approach to enhance topic modeling by using paratext and nonnegative
matrix factorizations
Marisol Flores-Garrido; Luis Miguel García-Velázquez; Julieta Arisbe

Enriching contextualized semantic representation with textual
information transmission for COVID-19 fake news detection: A study on
English and Persian
Masood Ghayoomi

Exploratory methods for relation discovery in archival data
Lucia Giagnolini; Marilena Daquino; Francesca Mambelli ; Francesca Tomasi

Improved distance measures for ‘fixed-content miscellanies’: an
adaptation for the collections of sayings of the desert fathers and
mothers border
Elisabet Göransson ; Luke Maurits; Britt Dahlman; Karine Åkerman
Sarkisian; Samuel Rubenson ...

A new method in establishing quantitative relationships between
manuscripts of the New Testament border
Pasi Hyytiäinen

The authorship of George a Greene, the Pinner of Wakefield
Hartmut Ilsemann

Exploring Finnic written oral folk poetry through string similarity border
Maciej Janicki ; Kati Kallio; Mari Sarv

Foucault’s archeological discourse analysis with digital
methodology—Discourse on women prior to the first wave women’s movement
Heidi Karlsen

Analyzing gender clues in war-time letters border
Heikki Keskustalo; Laura Korkeamäki; Selja Vanamo; Kimmo Kettunen ;
Sanna Kumpulainen

Same text, same discourse? Empirical validation of a discourse analysis
methodology for cultural heritage border
Patricia Martin-Rodilla ; Cesar Gonzalez-Perez

Temporal networks of ‘Contrafacta’ in the first three troubadour
generations border
Stefano Milonia ; Matteo Mazzamurro

Digital transit ports for the illicit trade in antiquities: the case of
the ‘Afghan Genizah’ border
Cecilia Palombo ; Donna Yates

Stylometric similarity in literary corpora: Non-authorship clustering
and Deutscher Novellenschatz border
Simon Päpcke; Thomas Weitin ; Katharina Herget; Anastasia Glawion; Ulrik

GECEM Project Database: A digital humanities solution to analyse complex
historical realities in early modern China and Europe
Manuel Perez-Garcia; Manuel Diaz-Ordoñez

Digital Humanities and disability: A systematic literature review of
cultural accessibility for people with disability
Maria Pirrone; Marco Centorrino ; Antonino Galletta; Christian Sicari;
Massimo Villari

LERA—an interactive platform for synoptical representations of multiple
text witnesses
Marcus Pöckelmann; André Medek; Jörg Ritter; Paul Molitor

An analysis of the Word Adjacency Network method—Part 1—The evidence of
its unsoundness
Pervez Rizvi

An analysis of the Word Adjacency Network method—Part 2—A true
understanding of the method
Pervez Rizvi

Multichannel convolutional neural networks for detecting COVID-19 fake news
Mohammadreza Samadi; Saeedeh Momtazi

Using search engines as a retrieval tool for translating newly coined
expressions and terminology between Chinese and English
Zheng Wang

Readers’ reception of translated literary work: Fortress Besieged in the
digital English world
Jianwei Zheng; Wenjun Fan

A new measurement method of Chinese texts’ difficulty based on the
digital analysis of two-character continuations
Dongjie Zhou; Zezhi Zheng

Are Daojing and Dejing stylistically independent of each other: A
stylometric analysis with activity and descriptivity
Haiyan Zhou; Yue Jiang ; Letao Wang

Book Reviews

Global Debates in the Digital Humanities. Domenico Fiormonte, Sukanta
Chaudhuri, and Paola Ricaurte (eds)
Haoda Feng; Gang Zeng

Corpus Linguistics and Translation Tools for Digital Humanities:
Research Methods and Applications. Stefania M. Maci and Michele Sala (eds)
James Chonglong Gu

Mediation and Multimodal Meaning Making in Digital Environments. Ilaria
Moschini and Maria Grazia Sindoni (eds)
Jin Qiu; Mengchen Cui

Text as Data: A New Framework for Machine Learning and the Social
Sciences. Justin Grimmer, Margaret E. Roberts, and Brandon M. Stewart
Qiuying Zhao; Shunyu Wang

Willard McCarty,
Professor emeritus, King's College London;
Editor, Interdisciplinary Science Reviews;  Humanist

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