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Humanist Archives: March 31, 2023, 8:11 a.m. Humanist 36.503 - research software engineer (Lausanne)

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        Date: 2023-03-30 10:47:13+00:00
        From: Matteo Romanello <matteo.romanello@GMAIL.COM>
        Subject: Full-stack research software engineer at UNIL (1 year, 80%-100% FTE)

The Faculty of Arts of the University of Lausanne invites applications
for a full-stack research software engineer in the Institute of
Archeology and Classical Studies Department
<>. The successful candidate will  co-design
and develop an interface dedicated to the exploration and analysis of a
textual corpus, in the framework of the SNSF-funded Ajax
Multi-Commentary project <>. The
project aims to investigate the evolution of the genre of classical
commentaries and of exegetical practices through the use of commentaries
to Sophocles’ Ajax. The main responsibility of the research software
engineer is to develop a dynamic interface to allow the simultaneous
visualisation and comparison of all glosses on a given text passage.


*Application deadline*: 30th of April 2023
*Expected start date in position*: June 1, 2023 (or to be agreed upon)
*Contract length*: one year
*Activity rate*: 80%-100%
*Workplace*: Lausanne-Dorigny (Switzerland)
*Contact*: for any questions feel free to contact Matteo Romanello
(matteo.romanello [at] unil [dot] ch)
*How to apply*: online application via the UNIL job portal => job #20827


   *     Co-design-based development of a frontend to read and explore a
     textual corpus
   *     Design and implementation of interactive data visualizations
   *     Development of a REST API for frontend/backend communication
   *     Writing of unit/functional tests and documentation
   *     DevOps (continuous integration / continuous delivery)
   *     Setup and maintenance of the backend, based on existing open source



   *     High level of commitment and initiative
   *     Ability to work in a team, meticulous and reliable
   *     Keen sense for UI/UX design and web usability principles
   *     Experience in research software development, especially web
     frontends and data visualizations
   *     Experience with full-stack technologies for frontend (HTML+CSS,
     Javascript/Typescript, Vue, React, Solid, Svelte), backend (NodeJS,
     Python) and API (Express, FastAPI) development


   *     Experience in research software development in the field of digital
   *     Good knowledge of XML-based technologies (XML databases, XQuery, XSLT)
   *     Experience with design software (Adobe XD, Figma, Canva)


Applications should include: a cover letter, a curriculum vitae, a copy
of your most recent university degree(s) or diplomas, and a portfolio of
code-related projects (on GitHub/GitLab, personal website, etc.).

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