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Humanist Archives: May 10, 2022, 7:13 a.m. Humanist 36.5 - events: multimodality (Oklahoma); introductory training (Newcastle)

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    [1]    From: Abdul Rahman, Alfie <>
           Subject: VIS4DH CfP: VIS4DH 2022 – Multimodality (63)

    [2]    From: James Cummings <>
           Subject: JUMPSTART Workshop 23-27 May 2022 (26)

        Date: 2022-05-09 17:10:02+00:00
        From: Abdul Rahman, Alfie <>
        Subject: VIS4DH CfP: VIS4DH 2022 – Multimodality

VIS4DH CfP: VIS4DH 2022 – Multimodality

The workshop will take place as part of the IEEE VIS conference (16–21 October
2022) in Oklahoma City, OK, USA in the form of a hybrid format, including
virtual as well as in-person parts. In this year’s workshop we invite you to
explore and discuss aspects of multimodality:

Human expression has myriad forms. Painting, reading & writing, music, crafts,
dance, fashion, cooking, and other artistic or cultural efforts are more than
just visual experiences—they incorporate hearing, touch, and even taste. This
multimodality raises both reflective and creative questions about the role of
visualization. What do we lose when we reduce these rich multisensory
experiences, artifacts, or collections down to just the visual and textual
content? How can we compensate for or offset these losses? How can we augment
visualizations with other experiential modes, and can these augmentations
improve the (embodied) experience accessibility, viscerality, or impact of our
data? In other words, what does it mean to think beyond the visual when it comes
to visualization in the humanities?

This year, you can contribute to VIS4DH 2022 in the following ways - you can
submit to the Paper track<>
(, the Provocations
(, or Lab
talks<> (

  *   Paper Track: We invite papers at the intersection of visualization and
(digital) humanities that provide both theoretical and applied perspectives
around these and other questions. Submissions will take the form of short
papers. Papers should not exceed 5 pages excluding references. Submissions are
meant to describe and critically discuss works at the intersection of
visualization and humanities research, including applied case studies, empirical
results and/or theoretical perspectives.
  *   Provocation Track: Submissions to the VIS4DH Provocations track will take
the form of a paragraph articulating a strongly-held viewpoint that addresses a
particular perspective on this year’s workshop topic, Multimodality. We
especially seek submissions that likely will promote back-and-forth debate
within the interdisciplinary VIS4DH community.

  *   Lab Talks: Since 2020, the VIS4DH workshop has included Lab Talks, a
format where research groups working at the intersection of visualization and
the digital humanities present their work or labs more generally in brief
lightning talks. Additionally, groups can be listed in our VIS×DH overview:

Our call for submissions is open to all fields of the (digital) humanities,
social sciences and to all areas of visualization research and practice. The
workshop is intended to put different ways of seeing, knowing, articulating, and
transforming arguments into dialogue in order to foster and to intensify
collaborations between humanities and visualization researchers. We are
particularly interested in papers and provocations that bring different
disciplines together.

Submission Deadlines
Paper Track: 8 July 2022, 5PM PST
Provocation Track: 29 August 2022, 5PM PST
Lab Talks: 29 August 2022, 5PM PST

We hope to see you at the conference!

VIS4DH programme committee<>

        Date: 2022-05-09 13:00:26+00:00
        From: James Cummings <>
        Subject: JUMPSTART Workshop 23-27 May 2022

From 23-27 May 2022 Newcastle University is hosting an in-person Digital
Humanities workshop, JUMPSTART, providing 5 days of introductory training
into digital methods for textual research and publication.

*Monday 23 May 2022:* An Introduction to Fundamentals Using Python
*Tuesday 24 May 2022:* An Introduction to TEI Publisher
*Wednesday 25 May 2022:* Transkribus for Handwritten Text Recognition
*Thursday 26 May 2022:* Data Science/Wrangling and Text Analysis
*Friday 27 May 2022:* AI and Machine Learning

Either the whole week can be booked or each day individually. Participants
are expected to bring and use their own laptops for the workshop. Funding
from the British Academy has enabled us to keep costs of attendance
reasonably low.

Find out more and register at:

Many Thanks,

Dr James Cummings, Senior Lecturer in Late-Medieval Literature and Digital
School of English, Newcastle University
In-Person Office Hours:
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