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        Date: 2023-03-29 15:47:37+00:00
        From: Cecilia Ghidotti <>
        Subject: Reminder: Online lunchtime talk on AI for Information Governance in Microsoft365

Dear all,

We are pleased to invite you to the third online lunchtime talk AI for
Information Governance in Microsoft365 on Wednesday April 5th   from 12:30 to
13:30 (UK time). The talk will be delivered via MS Teams.

The event is organised by the AHRC-funded project Unlocking our Digital Past
with Artificial Intelligence (LUSTRE<>) led by Dr
Lise Jaillant (Loughborough University). LUSTRE seeks to better understand how
Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help improve the preservation, access to and
usability of government archives produced in digital form.

The third lunchtime event will feature a talk on the functionality provided by
some of the existing AI-driven governance tools that can be found within
Microsoft365. The speaker is Robert Bath leading solution architect,
Microsoft365 expert of the platform’s retention capabilities and IRMS’ Digital

Please use this link to register to the event:

Please find the full abstract below

AI for Information Governance in Microsoft 365

While artificial intelligence has been claimed to be ‘just around the corner’
for several decades now, over the past few years there have been clear
indications that the technology is starting to be used in real-world scenarios.

Within the Information Governance community AI is certainly being anticipated as
somewhat of a panacea. With most organisations having inadequate processes
surrounding the way they store and manage information throughout its lifecycle,
AI is starting to be seen as the solution that will clean up the existing mess
and sort out everyone’s ‘digital heaps’.

Microsoft, alongside other tech giants has recently been investing heavily in
starting the bring the potential of artificial intelligence into their cloud
collaboration platform, Microsoft 365. We’ve already seen several information
management applications being introduced into the platform, which leverage the
AI provided by Microsoft’s Cognitive Services.

In this session, Rob Bath outlines the functionality provided by some of the
existing AI-driven governance tools that can be found within Microsoft 365.
These include:

  1.  Trainable Classifiers – uses AI to automatically classify content in your
tenant that matches the positive examples that you’ve provided.
  2.  Viva Topics -  a knowledge management extension, which automatically
creates a knowledge network out of your existing content.
  3.  Microsoft Syntex – a quickly maturity suite of tools, which use AI to
automatically identify, classify and extract metadata from specific types of
content. The various models that Syntex provides will be outlined, including
Structured, Unstructured & Freeform Document Processing.

During this session, Rob Bath will outline his views on each of these
capabilities as they currently exist, while also exploring the next steps that
he sees on the horizon, especially the application of AI for auto summarisation
of content within Microsoft 365.

Speaker’s bio:

Having overseen some of the UK’s most extensive records management architectures
in Microsoft 365, Rob Bath is a leading solution architect and subject matter
expert of the platform’s retention capabilities. Currently serving as the IRMS’
Digital Director, Rob aims to help to bridge the gap between Information
Management and IT.

More information about the project:
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Kind regards,
Dr Cecilia Ghidotti
LUSTRE Research Associate
School of Social Sciences and Humanities, 
Loughborough University

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