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        Date: 2023-03-17 11:48:26+00:00
        From: Willard McCarty <>
        Subject: UWA Summer School: An Interdisciplinary History of Writing, 17-28 July 2023 // J.P Gumbert Dissertation Award 2023

The Cluster of Excellence Understanding Written Artefacts invites
applications to its 2023 Summer School:

An Interdisciplinary History of Writing

17-28 July 2023


Research on written artefacts is not all about the contents of
texts. It begins with the physical object itself, be it a Mesopotamian
clay tablet with cuneiform writing, an ancient rock inscription, an
Indian palm-leaf manuscript, or a legal document written on parchment in
medieval Europe. At this summer school, students investigate the
composition of writing supports, ingredients of inks, and the binding of
a codex. They also learn about the circumstances of the production, use
and re-use, and the attribution of certain qualities or powers to a
manuscript or other written artefacts. The course takes a global and
comparative approach and is characterised by the cooperation between the
humanities and the natural and computer sciences.

The course is open to students from the humanities, the natural
sciences, or computer sciences with an interest in research on written
artefacts (they should be at least be in their 2nd year of a BA/BSc
programme or in MA/MSc programme), as well as to doctoral and
postdoctoral researchers. Potential participants can apply for a fee
waiver and financial support for their travel costs.

More information on what is taught and how to apply is available on our

Please kindly circulate the announcement in our relevant networks.

Kind regards,

Jakob Hinze

Jakob Hinze, Ph.D.
Universität Hamburg
/Centre for the Study of Manuscript Cultures/
EXC 2176 ‘Understanding Written Artefacts’
Warburgstraße 26, 20354 Hamburg, Germany
Room: 1003
Tel: +49 40 42838-9397

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