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Humanist Archives: March 17, 2023, 5:53 a.m. Humanist 36.453 - 6 Digital Residencies (Alan Turing Institute & British Library)

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        Date: 2023-03-16 15:03:42+00:00
        From: Ridge, Mia <>
        Subject: 6 Digital Residencies, Living with Machines project at The Alan Turing Institute and British Library

Dear all,

You might be interested in these opportunities, or know someone who is. I’d love
to see a range of responses from freelancers, PhD students and early career folk
in museum / cultural heritage technology, digital humanities, data science, or
folk from the commercial sector dipping into the world of library and humanities
data and methods.

Ruth Ahnert, Principal Investigator for Living with Machines, has written a blog
post providing some background information:

Key points from her post: ‘Simply put, we want to support people to play with
our data and code in new and creative ways. What are the datasets and tools? The
data and tools we are proposing that people work with are as follows. Links take
you to the data/code repo or to blog posts about them:

  *   StopsGB: Structured Timeline of Passenger Stations in Great Britain<https:
  *   Neural Language Models for Nineteenth-Century
  *   Newly digitised Ordnance Survey
  *   Diachronic word embeddings<
  *   The crowdsourced accidents data from
  *   DeezyMatch<>
  *   alto2txt<>

We are open to highly experimental work, and creative applications. You do not
need to be based in the UK!
We need a 600-word proposal, a CV, and costings.

We really want you to apply. So if you have any questions, please contact us on<>.‘ This applies especially if
you’re not sure how a residency might work in your situation.

Apply at
residencies by Friday April 14. We’ll turn around applications quickly as the
work needs to be completed by 31 July 2023.


(As Digital Curator, British Library, and Co-Investigator, Living with Machines)


Dr Mia Ridge
Digital Curator, Western Heritage Collections, Digital Research team | The
British Library, St Pancras, London, NW1 2DB
Co-Investigator, Living with Machines | Principal Investigator, Collective
Wisdom: the state of the art in cultural heritage crowdsourcing

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