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        Date: 2023-03-11 22:01:37+00:00
        From: John Wall <>
        Subject: Digital Humanities Awards

The Digital Humanities Awards Program is now seeking votes for DH Projects
in a number of categories. This is a completely open process. The winner
will be the project that is able to round up enough votes.

I encourage you to vote. There is excellent work here, some of it in the
era of Shakespeare and his contemporaries.

I would especially encourage you to consider voting for the Virtual St
Paul's Cathedral Project in the Data Visualization category.

The Virtual St Paul's Cathedral Project (
recreates the sights and sounds of St Paul's Cathedral in the early modern
period, including two full days of worship services, as they unfold in real

Voting will remain open until the end of *Sunday 26 March 2023*

So please, before March 26th,  go here --
or here --

There are an amazing list of projects that have been nominated. If you
decide to vote for the Cathedral Project, you will find it under the Data
Visualization category, by scrolling down to the very last entry in that
category. Click on the circle, then follow the sign-off process.

You may vote in other categories and vote for your choice. Or, simply vote
for the Cathedral Project and sign off. You might encourage friends,
colleagues, students -- anyone you think might be willing to vote -- to
visit the site, check out some of the projects nominated, and vote for your
choice of the best ones.

Remember, the last day of voting is *Sunday 26 March 2023. *Thank you for
your interest, your agreeableness to vote, and your help getting as many
folks to the polls as we can.


*The Rev Dr John N. Wall, FRHistS *
Professor of English Literature
North Carolina State University
Principal Investigator for
The Virtual St Paul's Cathedral Project
The Virtual Paul's Cross Project
The Virtual John Donne Project

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