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        Date: 2023-03-10 05:37:10+00:00
        From:  Cristanne Miller <>
        Subject: Job opening at University at Buffalo SUNY

The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) at the University at Buffalo
SUNY seeks to hire a Digital Humanities (DH) Project Director and
Manager to help accelerate impactful and ethical research at the
intersections of data (including the building of new archives),
computation, and the arts and humanities at the University at Buffalo.

As a collaborative and strategic thinker, this individual will be
positioned in the Digital Scholarship Studio and Network (DSSN)
<> and
CAS, and will bring expertise in DH faculty research project design and
management and in broader aspects of faculty research engaging digital
scholarship across units of arts, humanities, social sciences, and
sciences. This individual will also participate with DSSN leadership in
thinking toward launching new initiatives to encourage and extend DH and
other digital scholarship research. They will take proactive, inclusive,
critically engaged, and potentially community-based approaches to
managing or consulting on established digital projects and work to help
faculty develop new, sustainable research projects; in some cases, this
might include collaboration. Such extension might also involve
discussion with faculty about use of classroom instruction to provide
research support for faculty projects and teaching digital methods in
the humanities. The individual will continuously look for ways to
integrate diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice into digital
humanities/scholarship practice and projects.

This individual may serve as Principle Investigator (PI) or co-PI on
faculty collaborations or (with University approval) on
externally-funded grants. They are expected to contribute to digital
humanities scholarship through publications, presentations and/or
outreach to the community. This position qualifies for up to 20%
Research Development time, which would include collaboration with UB
faculty on ongoing or start-up projects and assisting with preparation
of external grant applications.

University at Buffalo is an affirmative action/equal opportunity
employer and, in keeping with our commitment, welcomes all to apply
including veterans and individuals with disabilities. **deadline for
applications: 3/23/2023

For more information about this posting and to apply, go to


Cristanne Miller
Co-Director, Digital Scholarship Studio and Network
University at Buffalo SUNY 

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