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        Date: 2023-03-06 05:40:04+00:00
        From: Loup Cellard <>
        Subject: CfP — Environmental Materialities of the Digital

Hi folks!

I am editing with Clément Marquet
(CSI Mines) a special issue of the journal Reset
<> on the environmental
materialities of the digital. 


Over the past few years, there has been unprecedented media and
political attention directed at the negative ecological consequences of
digital technologies. This politicization echoes a broader, international
movement of criticism about digital technologies and GAFAMs in particular.
Since 2018, the term 'techlash' — an outlash against tech — has referred to
the growing public animosity towards tech companies: scandals around
misinformation, awful working conditions of platform workers, privacy
issues, sexism, racial discrimination, and now negative environmental
impacts. With the recent ecological dimension added to the existing
critiques, thousands of tech workers have joined strikes, calling on big
business to take on climate commitments. This special issue of RESET aims
to explore how environmental approaches can enhance our understanding of
the digital, hoping to shed light on what reformist critiques and projects
(mixing technical, legal, economic or social dimensions) do to the actors
who confront the issue of building sustainable digital technologies. The
special issue aims to consider: the fields of political forces that are
constituted around the mattering of environmental issues within tech
industries; the actors and entities that were invisible until now; the new
entrants legitimised by environmental problematisations; and finally,
design, consumption and use practice transformations.

We are looking for papers that situate their work in one for more of the
following research areas:

    - Techno-ecological entanglements: symbioses, cohabitations and
    - Making visible and ordering: sabotage, mobilisation, quantification
    and administration,
    - Greening practices: from industrial optimisation to digital sobriety.

Read the full call: (EN)
(call in French:

Reset is an open-access journal publishing empirical studies on digital
technologies in French and English.

The abstracts (500 words maximum) are due by May 02, 2023. They should be
sent to the following addresses:


Response to authors: late May 2023

Deadline for submission of papers (40,000 to 60,000 characters, including
spaces and excluding bibliography): September 30

Please share among your network !

Loup & Clément


Loup Cellard
Editor at Tèque <>, a tech criticism journal 
by Audimat éditions <>, Paris, FR
Research Fellow at ADM+S Centre <>, 
Melbourne Law School, AU.
Associate Member at Sciences-Po Médialab <>,
Paris, FR.

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