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        Date: 2023-02-21 11:03:26+00:00
        From: Jill Walker Rettberg <>
        Subject: 3 PhDs, a postdoc and an at the Center for Digital Narrative

Hi everyone,

We are launching the Center for Digital Narrative (CDN)
<> at the
University of Bergen in August, and have just started advertising
positions. Right now we have an opening for an associate professor in
game studies, three PhDs (one in electronic literature, one in social
media narrative and one in AI/XR/conversational narratives) and a
postdoc in electronic literature. There’ll be another open PhD in
Digital Culture advertised soon. PhD positions (and postdocs and of
course the in Norway all pay normal salaries (not student
stipends) and carry with them employee rights like parental leave and
all the standard Norwegian welfare benefits (healthcare, subsidized
universal childcare etc). Salary ranges are stated on the job ads. You
would need to live in or be willing to relocate to Bergen.

CDN is a new Center for Research Excellence funded for ten years through
the Norwegian Research Council. Our premise is that narratives are
fundamental to humans’ understanding of ourselves and our world, and
there is an urgent need to understand how narratives change with digital
media. How do recommendation algorithms in social media shape the
stories we can tell and how stories spread? How will AI or VR and AR
impact storytelling? What characterizes narratives in digital games, or
in electronic literature? In addition to developing new research, CDN
aims to train new humanities researchers for the societal challenges
ahead: researchers who know how to collaborate, to use digital methods
and to work together to develop new knowledge. CDN will have its own
building in the middle of our Bergen campus, with frequent social and
research-based events. It’s going to be amazing – we are all so excited!

Please apply if this looks right for you, or pass the ads on to others
who may be interested!

1) Associate Professor in Digital Culture (Game Studies): (tenured
We are seeking an Associate Professor with research expertise within
game studies, and with research interests that can complement the
existing scholarly competency of the department and the CDN. We are
seeking an ambitious candidate with an increasing research portfolio and
who is eager to develop and refine their own research agenda within
digital narratives. This is an entry-level position – in the Norwegian
system we don’t distinguish between assistant and associate professors,
and so anyone with a relevant PhD is encouraged to apply. The position
is equally weighted between teaching and research. Application deadline:
24th March 2023

2) PhD in Electronic Literature: (4 year position)
The successful candidate’s PhD project will address electronic
literature from the standpoint of literary genres across historical
periods, considering how forms of electronic literature are in
conversation, agreement, and conflict with genres which might range, for
example, from the epic to lyric poetry, to the novel. There is some
flexibility in the topic of the dissertation, which will be developed in
collaboration with the CDN electronic literature node leader during the
candidate’s first semester. Application deadline: 19th March 2023

3) PhD in Extending Digital Narrative (XDN): (3 year position)
Applicants must propose a PhD project to investigate new forms of
digital narratives that use emerging technologies such as Artificial
Intelligence, Extended Reality (XR), and/or conversational interfaces
from a humanities perspective. Both critical and creative research
approaches will be encouraged. There is some flexibility in the topic of
the dissertation, which will be developed in collaboration with the XDN
project leader during the candidate’s first semester. Application
deadline: 1st April 2023

4) PhD in Social Media Media Narratives: (4 year position)
The successful candidate’s PhD project will address narratives emerging
in social media with an emphasis on marginalized and/or ideology-driven
voices and communities. The project should use interpretative,
qualitative methodologies, e.g., ethnography, visual or textual analysis
etc. We are particularly interested in projects that consider how
collective narratives shared across social media connect to a sense of
belonging to or being excluded from a group. Relevance to a Norwegian or
Nordic context is an advantage. There is some flexibility in the topic
of the doctoral thesis, which the candidate will develop further in
collaboration with the leaders of CDN's group for social media.
Application deadline: 19th March 2023

5) Postdoctoral position in Electronic Literature: (3 year position)
The Center for Digital Narrative is adapting an extensive open-access
platform, the ELMCIP Electronic Literature Knowledge Database, to serve
as a lasting research environment that will document current research in
the broader category of exploratory, digital narrative. The database
will also encompass emerging narrative forms that are increasingly found
in computer games, social media, computational systems, and extended
reality narratives.
- The applicant is expected to develop this database and conduct
independent research based on digital humanities analyses of genres,
histories, technological and cultural contexts of electronic literature.
- The applicant is also expected to survey international, multilingual
databases documenting electronic literature, digital narrative, and
related topics.
- The applicant will help develop one or more independent grant
proposals for future research with support from CDN.
- The applicant will collaborate with other members at the center and
participate in and contribute to its seminars and events.
Application deadline: 1st April 2023

6) PhD in Digital Culture with a focus on Digital Narratives – this
position will be advertised very soon! Check the CDN website
( or for updates.

Jill Walker Rettberg
Professor of Digital Culture and Co-Director of the Center for Digital
Universitetet i Bergen

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