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        Date: 2023-02-07 16:01:07+00:00
        From: Veronica Litt <>
        Subject: Postdoctoral Fellowship in Critical and Intersectional Approaches to Data Security, Privacy, and Surveillance

The Lewis & Ruth Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship, located in
Mills Memorial Library at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario,
invites qualified candidates to apply for a two-year postdoctoral
fellowship. Please find more information below and share with your networks.

The posting closes on March 21, 2023.

Job Summary

Founded in 2012, the Sherman Centre is an incubator and catalyst of
digital scholarship (DS) and digital humanities (DH) activity at
McMaster University. A critical need that has become apparent in the
Centre’s work is the inclusion of critical data and data justice
competencies training. From the vantage point of the Sherman Centre, we
see a clear opportunity to increasingly introduce undergraduate and
graduate students, faculty and staff, and members of broader communities
to critical considerations of data-driven approaches and outcomes while
improving their general data fluency.

Working under the direction of the Academic and Administrative Directors
of the Sherman Centre, the postdoctoral fellow will support the general
outreach and curricular activities of the Sherman Centre, with a
specific focus on critical and intersectional approaches to data
security, privacy and surveillance. The research program undertaken by
the postdoctoral fellow will result in knowledge development and
dissemination as well as resource creation and training in these areas
for undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff, and members
of broader communities.

In alignment with their own DS/DH research agenda, the postdoctoral
fellow will, in close collaboration with other Sherman Centre staff:

   * offer training and support for general and selected specific tools
     and techniques that support data security and digital privacy broadly
   * assess faculty and graduate student needs, and goals with relation
     to research data security, privacy and management
   * offer consultation to faculty and graduate students to enable them
     to begin including critical data and data justice competencies in
     their teaching and research
   * support the further development of workshops, talks, and events at
     the Sherman Centre
   * prepare and deliver an undergraduate digital scholarship
     introductory course annually, and
   * connect and engage with other data justice, digital scholarship, and
     digital humanities initiatives in the region and beyond.

Beyond these responsibilities, the postdoc will participate actively in
the life and activities of the Sherman Centre and represent it at key
DS/DH events, such as the Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI) and
the annual Digital Humanities conference at the institution’s expense.


   * Term: August 1, 2023 – July 31, 2025
   * Renumeration: $55,000 CAD per year

For the complete job posting, please follow this link.

Please contact Dr. Andrea Zeffiro (
<>) for any general questions about the position.

Veronica Litt on behalf of the Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship

Veronica Litt, PhD (she/her)
Digital Scholarship Coordinator
The Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship <>
Mills Library, McMaster University

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