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    [1]    From: Willard McCarty <>
           Subject: Call for hosting proposals, European Summer University in Digital Humanities (42)

    [2]    From: Eliza Papaki <>
           Subject: Open CfP: DARIAH Annual Event 2023 (35)

        Date: 2023-01-17 19:39:47+00:00
        From: Willard McCarty <>
        Subject: Call for hosting proposals, European Summer University in Digital Humanities

The European Summer University in Digital Humanities, hosted by the
University of Leipzig from 2009 to 2022, is now accepting bids from new
European hosts for 2023 and beyond. 

The ESU offers instructional opportunities for students and practitioners 
in the digital humanities to pursue a wide range of quantitative and qualitative 
methods in a collective working environment that includes cultural outings, 
communal meals and significant participant interaction. Taught by a network 
of outstanding international scholars and guided by a scientific committee
which embeds its activities within a broader alliance of digital
humanities organizations and centers, the ESU is multilingual and
multicultural in its outlook. The ESU welcomes all, regardless of
nationality, gender, religion, race, sexual expression, or technical
level, through a peer reviewed application process and robust financial
support for students. It is our hope that future iterations of the
European Summer University will continue to reflect the broad curricular
range of those past by fostering and further developing its community
and leveraging the wealth of its excellent existing instructor pool and
creating new instructional opportunities. 

For more information on past iterations of the ESU, its courses, and its
participants, potential hosts may refer to <> and 
<>. Interested institutions may express their 
interest by providing materials outlined in the submission form
<> by February 20, 2023. 

All submissions will be reviewed by the ESU Evaluative Committee:
Alejandro Bia, Peter Bell, Jason Boyd, Elisabeth Burr (ex-officio),
Carol Chiodo, Gimena Delrio Riande, Simone Rebora, Peter Robinson, Ray
Siemens, Toma Tasovac, Giovanni Vitale, and David Joseph Wrisley.

For more information and to submit your
proposal <>.


/Librarian for Collections and Digital Scholarship | Americas, Europe,
and Oceania Division (AEOD)/ |profile -->

        Date: 2023-01-17 12:07:40+00:00
        From: Eliza Papaki <>
        Subject: Open CfP: DARIAH Annual Event 2023

Dear colleagues,

We would like to invite your submissions to the DARIAH Annual Event 2023 
<> on the topic of Cultural Heritage Data as
Humanities Research Data?. The event is planned to take place on June 6-9,
2023 in Budapest, Hungary.

Collections in libraries, archives and museums have been at the heart of
humanities research for centuries. However, with the current focus on
data-driven research, data management plans and the research data
lifecycle, in what ways do we need to think differently about cultural
heritage collections as data?

Inspired by the proclamation “cultural heritage data is humanities research
data”, this year’s DARIAH Annual Event will seek to explore what this means
in practice. What does it mean for cultural heritage institutions to
provide access to their ‘collections as data’? Do we need to think of
different workflows for digitised and born-digital datasets? Can we think
of a humanities research data continuum? These are only some of the
questions we aim to explore at the 2023 DARIAH Annual Event.

Open Call for Papers

We invite (digital) humanities researchers, cultural heritage
professionals, humanities data stewards and computer, information and data
scientists to present their finished or ongoing work related to this year’s
theme in the form of (1) papers, (2) panels and (3) posters and demos.
Deadline for submissions is February 1st.

Find all information on the event at

With all best wishes,
Eliza Papaki
Outreach and Communications Officer

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