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        Date: 2023-01-06 08:36:05+00:00
        From: Mark Carrigan <>
        Subject: Two year postdoc at the University of Manchester: Digital Technology's Role in Personalised Learning and Assessment

The Digital Technology, Communication and Education (DTCE) Research and
Scholarship group in MIE are advertising an exciting full-time
Post-Doctoral post exploring digital technology’s role in personalising
learning and assessment. The job advert went live yesterday with
applications closing on January 31st. The role offers a unique opportunity
that sits at the intersection between education, education technology,
computer science/software engineering and digital technology for global
development. Working closely with colleagues at the EdTech Hub (the world’s
largest education technology research initiative), in addition to data
scientists and software engineers, the intention is to drive forward
research to investigate the potential of digital personalised learning to
support learners and teachers (initially based in Kenya).

The potential for research impact is large – around 100k learners access
the personalised learning tool central to the study daily. Over the past
year, the development of this tool has been informed by UoM-led research
that is currently being evaluated through a randomised trial featuring 300
schools. This means the successful applicant will form part of a large
international team, although they will retain significant autonomy over
determining their own research agenda to match their experience and

Full details are available here:


If you know of any colleagues or networks for whom this opportunity might
be of interest, we would be most grateful if you could kindly share these
details. And if any potential candidates have questions, please do feel
free to direct them to

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