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        Date: 2023-01-04 13:37:09+00:00
        From: Gianluca Miscione <>
        Subject: FW: "Organising Outside Organisations" - part I

I am forwarding the announcement of the publication of our new edited volume,
which brings together a diverse group of scholars to address issues related to
"Organising Outside Organisations". We hope you will find in this volume
original and relevant contributions to the ongoing discourse on these issues.
Thanks for distributing this announcement as you see fit.
Best regards,

Vol. 8 No. 1 (2023): Organising Outside Organisations – Part I


Table of contents:

Barbara Czarniawska, Gianluca Miscione, Elena Raviola, Rafael Alcadipani Da
Silveira, Emre Tarim
“Platform Organising and Platform Organisations”
Kurt Rachlitz

“Governance by Algorithms, Governance of Algorithms: Human-Machine Politics in
Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs)”
Kelsie Nabben

“From Ephemerality to Organisationality: The Role of Hashtags in the
Constitution of the #wirsindmehr Protests in Germany”
Monica Nadegger

“Organising Integration Support for Recent Immigrants in Sweden as a Spectacle:
Practices and Consequences”
Andreas Diedrich

“Remote Work as Deleuzian Cinematography: Organizationality Beyond the Frame”
Leo Bancou and François-Xavier de Vaujany

“Let’s Get Organized: The Missing Spontaneous Action in Organization Theory”
Deirdre McCloskey

Gianluca Miscione
University College Dublin
Zurich University of Applied Sciences
University of Zurich

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