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        Date: 2022-12-30 08:59:53+00:00
        From: Willard McCarty <>
        Subject: android epistemology

Herewith follows a table of contents for a collection of essays that 
somehow I managed to overlook until just recently: Thinking About 
Android Epistemology. The book should be of some interest here. 
Comments would be most welcome and, I hope, the book useful to
those who, like me, cannot seem to leave the question of intelligence 

Here's for a surprisingly good 2023!

All the best,


Thinking About Android Epistemology, ed. Kenneth M. Ford, Clark Glymour,
& Patrick J. Hayes (AAAI Press & The MIT Press, 2006)


Preface and Acknowledgements  vii Clark Glymour, Kenneth M. Ford, &
Patrick J. Hayes

Part One: Why Android Epistemology?

1 The Prehistory of Android Epistemology  3 Clark Glymour, Kenneth M.
Ford, & Patrick J. Hayes
2 On Computational Wings  25 Kenneth M. Ford and Patrick J. Hayes
3 The Vitalists’ Last Stand  37 Anatol Rapoport
4 Silicon Reflections  47 Clark Glymour

Part Two: Designs for Cognition

5 Machine as Mind  57 Herbert A. Simon
6 From 2001 to 2001: Common Sense and the Mind of HAL  75 Douglas B. Lenat
7 Imagination and Situated Cognition  89 Lynn Andrea Stein
8 Conceptual Similarity Across Sensory and Neural Diversity: The Fodor /
Lepore Challenge Answered  107 Paul Churchland
9 Alienable Rights  137 Marvin Minsky

Part Three: The Frame Problem

10 Cognitive Wheels: The Frame Problem of AI  147 Daniel Dennett
11 Dennett’s Beer  171 Henry E. Kyburg, Jr.
12 Goldilocks and the Frame Problem  183 Patrick J. Hayes, Kenneth M.
Ford, and Neil M. Agnew

Part Four: Android Abilities

13 Too Many Instincts: Contrasting Philosophical Views on Intelligence
in Humans and Nonhumans  187 Susan G. Sterrett
14 Could a Robot Be Creative—And Would We Know?  217 Margaret A. Boden
15 Only Androids Can be Ethical  241 Joseph Emile Nadeau
16 The Adventures Among the Asteroids of Angela Android, Series 8400XF,
with an Afterword on Planning, Prediction, Learning, the Frame Problem,
and a Few Other Subjects  249 Clark Glymour

Part Five: Conclusion

17 Humanity, the Computer, and Cognitive Prostheses  263 Kenneth M.
Ford, Clark Glymour, and Patrick J. Hayes

Willard McCarty,
Professor emeritus, King's College London;
Editor, Interdisciplinary Science Reviews;  Humanist

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