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        Date: 2022-12-22 06:27:35+00:00
        From: Ulrike Henny-Krahmer <>
        Subject: RIDE issue 15 (tools and environments) is out

Dear Humanists,

Christmas Time is RIDE time! - We are pleased to announce the fifteenth
issue of the review journal RIDE, published since 2014 by the Institute
of Documentology and Scholarly Editing (IDE). The current issue is
edited by Anna-Maria Sichani and Elena Spadini and focuses on Tools and
Environments for Digital Scholarly Editions. It includes six reviews
(five in English, one in French):

- Digital Mappa – Simple and Web-based Annotations by Tobias Hodel, Anna
Janka, and Jonas Widmer:
- Mei‑friend. A viewer and last-mile editor for MEI score encodings by
Oleksii Sapov:
- Stylo, un éditeur pour les sciences humaines et sociales by Estelle
- TEI Critical Apparatus Toolbox: Web-based tools for ongoing XML-TEI
editions by Bastien Dumont:
- TEITOK, a visual solution for XML/TEI encoding: editing, annotating
and hosting linguistic corpora by Pilar Arrabal Rodríguez:
- Transkribus: Reviewing HTR training on (Greek) manuscripts by Elpida

All reviews are available at
Since this issue is published as ‘rolling release’ more reviews will
follow within the next months. We wish you a relaxing end of the year,
(hopefully) enjoyable vacations and a good start into the new year.

Best wishes,
Ulrike, for the RIDE team

Jun.-Prof. Ulrike Henny-Krahmer
Universität Rostock
Institut für Germanistik
Digital Humanities
Institut für Dokumentologie und Editorik e.V. <>

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