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        Date: 2022-12-19 12:55:16+00:00
        From: Franz FISCHER <>
        Subject: pubs: [re]constructions; documents from the Venetian State Archive

Dear digital humanists,

I am pleased to announce two publications in open access which might
be of interest for some of you:


"I secoli di Venezia. Dai documenti dell’Archivio di Stato"
Disclosing Collections. Studies, Catalogues and Data in the Arts and
the Humanities, vol. 1 (also available in print)


magazén | International Journal for Digital and Public Humanities,
vol. 3, issue 2


"Point Cloud to Sound Cloud. Digital Innovation and Historic Sound at
Linlithgow Palace"
James Cook, Sophia Mirashrafi

"Intertwining the Physical and Digital Experience at University
Museum. A Case Study from Keio Museum Commons, Japan"
Goki Miyakita, Yu Homma

"[Ri]costruire il patrimonio culturale medievale. Il caso delle
[ri]costruzioni 3D nella ricerca accademica e nelle GLAMS"
Angelica Federici

"Modern Art from the Arab Region – Digitisation as a Chance? The
Research and Database Project LAWHA as a Case Study"
Monique Bellan

"Re-inventare il museo e le sue narrazioni. L’esperienza di Palazzo
Grimani durante i lockdown"
Valeria Finocchi, Marco Mazzocco

"Recreating the Sacred Urban Space. Warsaw Churches from the End of
the Second Northern War Until the End of the Reign of John II Casimir
(1657‑68) in the View of the Urban Onto Ontology"
Konrad Szuba

Best wishes,

Franz Fischer
Direttore, Venice Centre for Digital & Public Humanities (VeDPH)
Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici
Università Ca' Foscari
Palazzo Malcanton Marcorà
Dorsoduro 3484/D - 30123 Venezia

Tel.: +39 041 234 6266 (ufficio), +39 041 234 9863 (segreteria del centro)

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