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        Date: 2022-12-14 16:38:56+00:00
        From: Geoffrey Rockwell <>
        Subject: Postdoc opportunity

Dear all,

I circulate on behalf of ASLAN a Postdoc opportunity in Lyons that could
interest some students close to completion.

Geoffrey Rockwell
H/F Post-doc en Developmental Machine Learning pour la robotique sociale

Date de prise de fonction : March 2023
Durée du contrat : 15-18 months
salaire : 2833 € brut mensuel selon expérience
Lieu : Lyon, France, au sein du labex ASLAN
Date limite de candidature : December 28th, 2022 or will be extended

PepperMint proposes an explorative study of embodied turn-taking practices in
task-related human-robot-interaction (HRI) to improve the social abilities of
robots and make HRI more natural to humans. The project initiates cooperation
between researchers in AI (Artificial Intelligence) (LIRIS lab in Lyon) and CA
(Conversation Analysis) (ICAR lab in Lyon and GenZ Oulu -Finland). It
investigates if and how CA findings on natural occurring interaction can be used
to develop innovative and effective AI models for HRI. The project is grounded
in a detailed multimodal analysis of turn-taking in naturally occurring HRI,
putting forward the emergence of turn allocation as complex sequential and
multimodal practice. In a complex three-step-methodology, combining AI and CA,
it proposes (1) a first version of the robot with state of the art (SoA)
algorithms, and ad hoc turn-taking practices, based on the setting and CA
findings about turn-taking practices in human interaction and HRI, (2) the
video-recording of non-elicited HRI in the targeted setting and the analysis of
turn-taking practices, considering opening and closing sequences and (3) the
proposal of new AI models for HRI, coupling developmental learning and CA
findings. The project adopts a cooperative perspective, considering humans and
robots as teammates that learn to mutually adapt their turn-taking practices.

Candidate must speak French. Please follow the application process here:

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