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Humanist Archives: May 25, 2022, 7:50 a.m. Humanist 36.30 - events: machine learning & data mining for scholarly editions (Rostock)

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        Date: 2022-05-24 12:00:06+00:00
        From: Ulrike Henny-Krahmer <>
        Subject: Conference "Machine Learning and Data Mining for Digital Scholarly Editions"

Dear humanists,

on 9-10 June 2022, a conference on „Machine Learning and Data Mining for
Digital Scholarly Editions“ will take place at the University of Rostock
(in person and virtually) to gather researchers working at the interface
of the two fields and to foster the discussion on the applicability of
Machine Learning and Data Mining techniques in the area of Digital
Scholarly Editing.

The conference is co-organized by the Institut für Dokumentologie und
Editorik <>, the Academy Junior Professforship for
Digital Humanities at the University of Rostock
the Know Center <> and the Centre for
Information Modelling at the University of Graz

For the full program, information about participation - registration is
open and it's free - see:

We are looking forward to seeing you in Rostock or online!

Ulrike Henny-Krahmer
on behalf of the Organizing Team and the Scientific Committee

Jun.-Prof. Ulrike Henny-Krahmer
Digital Humanities
Institut für Germanistik
Universität Rostock
Gertrudenstraße 11 (Torhaus)
18057 Rostock
Tel.: 49 (0)381 498 2555

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