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    [1]    From: Peter Royal <>
           Subject: communication +1 Volume 9, Issue 2 out now (95)

    [2]    From: James O'Sullivan <>
           Subject: The Bloomsbury Handbook to the Digital Humanities (31)

        Date: 2022-12-15 07:19:20+00:00
        From: Peter Royal <>
        Subject: communication +1 Volume 9, Issue 2 out now

On behalf of Zachary McDowell, Briankle Chang, and myself, I am pleased
to announce the publication of Issue 2 of communication +1's 10th

We thank the authors for their excellent contributions to the two issues
in this volume, which marks a decade of communication +1, and we are
excited to share these pieces. Please find below a description of the
new issue (as well as the previous issue companion).

communication +1's 10-year anniversary: A Decade of Futures (of
Edited by Zachary McDowell and Peter Royal

What we proposed for this collection was to return again to explore the
boundaries and the future of communication as an area of study and as an
interdisciplinary and intersectional space of inquiry. communication
+1's first issue, Futures of Communication
<> (2012), did just that by
addressing a wide variety of topics. The objective to address the
"futures" of communication as a field of inquiry was and is not to
identify research topics that may be popular or fashionable; rather, it
is in the (re)establishment of "communication" as an enduring
theoretical concept that cuts across the humanities and social sciences.
The future of "communication" therefore designates its significance
guaranteed by its interdisciplinary promise (but also arrives with its
own concerns). What we offer here is a continuation of the belief that
the question of “futures” is not a one-time endeavor, but instead a
question that needs to be returned to time and time again, particularly
in this age of changing media landscapes and new interdisciplinary

Briankle Chang - No Thing is not a Medium
Greg Wise - Communication + Surveillance
Lawrence Grossberg -  Stories in Unlivable Times
Cindy Tekobbe - Indigenous Communication
Sean Johnson Andrews - What is hegemony now? Transformations in media,
political economy, and cultural studies
Florence Chee - Communication as Conscience
Jeremy Hunsinger - Communication as Play
Li Cornfeld - Demo at the End of the World: The Limits of
Techno-futurist Performance
Steve Jones - Communication Technology and the Suspension of Disbelief

Issue 1 <> (Released
October 2022)

Zachary J. McDowell and Peter Royal - Introduction: Futures
Florian Sprenger - Communication and one
Zizi Papacharissi - Soft disciplines
Amit Pinchevski and Johannes Bennke - Media, Mediation, Mediality
John Durham Peters - What is Not a Medium?
Patricia Pisters - Combustive Knowledge: Fire as Medium and Interface
Peter Krapp - Secret Communication
Andrea Guzman - Moving Human-Machine Communication Forward Through the
Study of Non-Use and Failure
David Gunkel - In the Face of the Robot
Christina Vagt - Impossible Possible Machines
Jonathan Sterne - Is Machine Listening Listening?

About the Journal

The aim of communication +1 is to promote new approaches to and open new
horizons in the study of communication from an interdisciplinary
perspective. We are particularly committed to promoting research that
seeks to constitute new areas of inquiry and to explore new frontiers of
theoretical activities linking the study of communication to both
established and emerging research programs in the humanities, social
sciences, and arts. Other than the commitment to rigorous scholarship,
communication +1 sets no specific agenda. Its primary objective is to
create a space for thoughtful experiments and for communicating these

communication +1 is an open access journal supported by University of
Massachusetts Amherst Libraries and the Department of Communication


Zachary J. McDowell, University of Illinois Chicago
Peter Royal, University of Illinois Chicago
Briankle Chang, University of Massachusetts Amherst



Peter Royal (he/him/his)
Editor, communication +1
PhD Student
Department of Communication
University of Illinois Chicago

        Date: 2022-12-14 09:50:55+00:00
        From: James O'Sullivan <>
        Subject: The Bloomsbury Handbook to the Digital Humanities

Dear colleagues,

This is a quick note to highlight that The Bloomsbury Handbook to the Digital
Humanities has just been published. About 250,000 words in length, the book's 43
essays are intended to offer a re-interrogation of the present & future digital

More as follows:

Bloomsbury's Green OA policy allows chapters to be made public after a 6-month
embargo, so contributions will be openly available in May.

You can keep an eye on the collection's Zotero library to locate deposits as
they become available:

Best wishes,

Dr James O'Sullivan H. Dip., M.Sc., M.A., Ph.D.
Lecturer in Digital Humanities, University College Cork
Department of Digital Humanities:
Personal website:<>
Principal Investigator, C21 Editions (IRC/W001489/1):
Chair, Digital Cultures, New Media, & Cultural Analytics, Future Humanities

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