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        Date: 2022-12-13 01:31:10+00:00
        From: Flanders, Julia <>
        Subject: inviting participation: DHQ author workshop, January 2023

The Digital Humanities Quarterly journal (
is happy to announce a new initiative to provide greater support for authors
throughout the publication lifecycle. As part of this work, starting in January
2023, DHQ's peer review team will be holding a series of online workshops to
provide information for potential authors about DHQ's submission, review and
publication process. The workshop is aimed at authors new to digital humanities,
as part of our larger goal to expand DHQ's mentoring of authors even prior to
submitting an article.

We're starting with two pilot events in mid-January 2023. We’ll be offering the
same workshop in two different time slots in an effort to cover as many time
zones as possible:
• January 12: 8:00 am US Eastern time
• January 13: 1:00 pm US Eastern time

This initial event is aimed at providing some general welcome, orientation, and
guidance, and answering questions that come up frequently in emails from new
authors. The workshop will be recorded and the recording will be available at
the DHQ site. Please sign up for a session at this link:

Even if you’re not able to attend one of the scheduled events, please fill out
the form if you’d like to express interest in future events. We look forward to
meeting you!

Best wishes, Julia

Julia Flanders (on behalf of the DHQ team)
Editor in chief, DHQ
Northeastern University

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