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        Date: 2022-05-24 05:15:26+00:00
        From: Willard McCarty <>
        Subject: Join me for “moodboarding as method” workshop in Barcelona ? Short notice!

[From the Association of Internet Researchers (]

Hi AoIR friends and colleagues!!

I’ll be running a free, experimental half-day workshop in Barcelona on
June 9, 2022, on thinking about creative practices for adding affective,
or “mood” aspects of lived experience into the increasingly automated
data-gathering systems used in smart cities. If you’re interested in
joining the workshop, please sign up!

There are a few seats remaining and we’ll be giving certificates of
completion for anyone who attends. There’s also good potential to
receive ECTS credit if you’re a PhD candidate. More details below and
link to Eventbrite registration. Email me if you have questions, and
feel free to distribute/forward.

Warm Regards,


“In the Mood: A Collaborative Moodboarding Workshop”
Date and time
Thu., 9 June 2022
3:00 pm – 8:00 pm Central European Summer Time Spain (Madrid) Time

Disseny Hub Barcelona, Level -1, Room K
38 Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes
08018 Barcelona, Spain

Event Details:
How can mood and moodboarding work as a speculative tool for citizens to
imagine future designs for sustainable and resilient cities?

Register for this free half-day
This half-day workshop invites participants to discuss and participate
in playful experiments to generate collaborative moodboards, expressing
some of the moods of Barcelona in a post-pandemic time of recovery.

Participants and city stakeholders will discuss how sensory and textural
experiences like 'mood' become meaningful information or ‘data’ for city
stakeholders, as they try to build better futures in times of global crisis.

This Workshop is facilitated by Annette Markham, critical data studies
scholar, Professor and co-director of the Digital Ethnography Research
Centre at RMIT University in Melbourne Australia. Annette will present a
framework for building 'moodboarding as a method' for critical pedagogy
and participatory engagement.

The workshop proceeds in five parts:

   1.  Professor Annette Markham will launch the workshop with a talk
introducing the idea and premises of 'moodboarding as a method for
transgressing smart city data'.
   2.  Participants will then work with visual and textural materials in
the space to visualise 'moods', based on facilitator prompts.
   3.  Participants move into small teams to create a visual and sensory
'moodboard' of their current and imagined future city.
   4.  Participants will discuss the challenges and value of the
exercise, as well as moodboarding or other creative layering, as a form
of data production, citizen social science, or city engagement.
   5.  Participants will then open the workshop doors from 19:00 to
20:00 to showcase the resulting moodboards in the style of a gallery
opening, and where a sound artist will be invited to add another
interpretive sonic layer to the moodboards.

'In the Mood – Moodboarding as a Method' is presented by RMIT Europe,
RMIT PlaceLab, and Digital Ethnography Research Centre, and held as part
of the New European Bauhaus Festival and Barcelona Design Week ’22. This
Workshop is part of Annette Markham’s larger research project within
RMIT PlaceLab – an urban initiative designed to connect community,
space, and place.

'In The Mood – Moodboarding as a Method' aligns with similar activity
that will take place in Melbourne, Australia (August 2022) and Ho Chi
Minh City, Vietnam (October 2022), as part of the RMIT PlaceLab Research

For more information about the conceptual foundations or methodology,
please contact Annette Markham.


Annette N. Markham, PhD
Professor of Media and Communication and Co-Director, DERC (Digital
Ethnography Research Centre)
RMIT University, Melbourne City Campus, Australia
Professor (MSO, on leave), Information Studies & Digital Design, Aarhus
University, Denmark

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