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        Date: 2022-12-01 08:11:40+00:00
        From: Frédéric CLAVERT <>
        Subject: Digital Humanities and memory studies: PhD position

The Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C²DH) is looking for
doctoral candidates (PhD student) to work within the framework of the Doctoral
Training Unit “Deep Data Science of Digital History” (D4H). This
interdisciplinary DTU focuses on multiple challenges at the intersection between
the disciplines of history and data science. The DTU will train a new generation
of digitally literate PhD students to deal with “big data of the past” in a
critical and competent way, combining the epistemic tradition of close reading
with machine-based methods of distant reading (“scalable reading”). It aims to
develop a shared understanding of the human/machine nexus in collecting,
curating, managing, analysing, interpreting, and visualizing historical data and
to problematize the multi-layered temporalities of datasets and experiment with
new forms and formats of historical models and simulations in a longue-durée /
deep time perspective.

For this DTU, I am personnally looking for a doctoral candidate who would be
interested in using digital humanities and digital history methods in the field
of memory studies. Potential applicants should carefully read the extended
research proposal of the DTU ([](
and contact me ( to discuss **their** idea of a PhD
project before submiting their candidature to

Please, do not hesitate to circulate this annoucement.

Frédéric Clavert

Frédéric CLAVERT
Center for Contemporary and Digital History
2 avenue de l'Université
L-4365 Esch-sur-Alzette
T +352 46 66 44 6192<> /

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