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        Date: 2022-05-21 16:36:35+00:00
        From: Europaeische Sommeruniversitaet-Kulturen und Technologien <>
        Subject: ESU DH C&T 2-12 August 2022 Leipzig: Application & more Support


The 12th edition of the European Summer University in Digital
Humanities (see will take place in Leipzig in
person from the 2nd to the 12th August 2022. It is organised by Prof.
Dr. Elisabeth Burr, Institut für Romanistik, and her team, together
with the Forum Digital Humanities Leipzig (FDHL) (

The application phase for a place at the Summer University began on 28
April 2022 and will end on 31 May 2022. Information on how to apply
can be found here:

As in former years the Summer University will take place across 11
whole days. The intensive programme will consist of workshops, teaser
sessions, public lectures, regular project presentations, a poster
session and a panel discussion.

For the workshops which are being offered see

Thanks to our sponsors, *more* support for participants of the
European Summer University in Digital Humanities is now available.
Please note: *one can only apply for one scholarship / bursary /
fellowship*. Please note, furthermore, that *each scholarship /
bursary / fellowship requires the fulfillment of certain conditions*.

I) Funding granted by the *German Academic Exchange Service* (DAAD)
( allows us to award up to *20 scholarships to
foreign alumni / alumnae of German universities*, no matter from which
country they come. There is one *exception*, however: Russian alumni /
alumnae who hold offices in universities cannot be granted a
scholarship at the moment.

*Alumni / Alumnae* are people from outside Germany who as (Erasmus)
students, graduates, researchers or lecturers have received a degree
at a German University or have studied, conducted research or worked
at a German University *at least for three months* and who are now
outside of Germany.

*Ukrainians* who are not Alumni / Alumnae of German universities but
have an *intimate relationship with Germany* (for example as teachers
or trainers or via German - Ukrainian teacher exchange) can
temporarily also apply for such a scholarship.

Scholarships cover the costs of travel, accommodation (12 nights) and
meals (11 days). Accommodation will be reserved by us. The
scholarships do *not* cover participation fees. Scholarships are
attributed only once the applicant has registered for the Summer
University and paid her / his participation fees.

For more information see

II) Thanks to the generous support *DARIAH-EU*
( grants the European Summer University in
Digital Humanities, a number of tuition fellowships will be available
for (doctoral) students and young scholars who are not members of
Leipzig University. The fellowships cover the participation fees.

Winners of such a fellowship accept the obligation of writing a report
about the European Summer University and the experiences they gathered
during the event, illustrating it with pictures of the event and
sending it to DARIAH-EU in electronic form no later than three weeks
after the end of the Summer University. The text and the pictures will
be published on the DARIAH-EU website and promoted through social
media channels. Here you can find reports about former editions of the
European Summer University:
university-in-digital-humanities-university-of-leipzig-2019/ and

Preference will be given to applicants (in the following order) from
Eastern European Countries, including Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia;
Southeastern European Countries, including Greece, Turkey and Cyprus;
Central European Countries but excluding Austria;
other European Countries;
other countries.

For more information see

III) The *Slovenian Language Technologies Society* (SDJT)
( decided to continue the summer school funding
for Slovenian students started in 2018 also in view of ESU 2019.
The open call (in Slovenian) can be found here
The deadline for applications is *May 25 2022*.

IV) With the aim to facilitate the participation of (doctoral)
students and young scholars of Leipzig University at the European
Summer University in Digital Humanities up to 3 scholarships of 300,00
Euro each are made available. This is possible because of the support
the *Forum Digital Humanities Leipzig* (FDHL) (
grants to the summer university.

For more information see

V) The *University of Leipzig* (
through its International Centre
( is, at this very
moment, not able to guarantee support to participants of the European
Summer University as it has done in former years. There is some
*hope*, however, that
a) not only for applicants from Leipzig's partner university *Kiewski
nazionalny uniwersitet im. Tarasa Schewtschenko* but from the
*Ukraine* in general special funds might be available,
b) some bursaries for applicants from the following *Eastern European
partner universities* of Leipzig University might become available in

Sofiski Uniwersitet Sw. Kliment Ochridski
Uniwersytet Wrocławski
Uniwersytet Jagiellonski w Krakowie
Universitatea Babeş-Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca
Univerza v Ljubljani
Univerzita Karlova v Praze

Interested people from the *Ukraine* and the above named *partner
universities* are strongly advised to apply for support / a bursary.

For more information see

VI) People coming from EU-Partner Countries may be able to apply for
an *Erasmus + scholarship* (Key Action 103) at their own university.
Please get informed.

VII) All interested people are strongly advised to inform themselves
about support for further education, qualification, specialisation,
professionalisation available at *their own universities*. At many
universities such funding exists, to find out about it might, however,
mean doing some serious research.

Should more support become available it will announced on our website

Should you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask them by
writing a mail to

With best regards,

Prof. (em.) Dr. phil. Elisabeth Burr
Director of the European Summer University in Digital Humanities
"Culture & Technology"
University of Leipzig
Beethovenstr. 15
D-04107 Leipzig

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