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        Date: 2022-11-11 19:35:14+00:00
        From: Oliver Duke-Williams <>
        Subject: Job posting: Lecturer in Digital Methods and Lecturer in Digital Archives (UCL, UK)

Dear colleagues,

I would like to circulate information about two permanent full time
positions in the Department of Information Studies at UCL

1) Lecturer in Digital Methods

Teaching will contribute to the MA/MSc Digital Humanities programmes. We
are seeking applicants who answer research questions of relevance to a
humanities discipline, by applying or developing digital research
methods in an interdisciplinary way. his may include methods such as but
not limited to network analysis, stylometry, computer vision, machine
learning, data modelling, text-mining,
textual analysis, corpus linguistics, sound or video analysis, or
emerging interdisciplinary methodological areas. The purpose of the
research should be to contribute new interdisciplinary knowledge to a
humanities domain.

Details and application:

2) Lecturer in Digital Archives

Teaching will contribute to the MA/MSc Digital Humanities programmes and
to MA Archives and Records Management. We are particularly interested in
applicants who take Post-Colonial or Non-Western centric approaches and
offer one or more of the following: Digitisation; Digital Inequities;
Digital Ethics; Anti-Opressive Approaches to Digital Cultural Heritage;
Artificial Intelligence and its use in Cultural Heritage; Digital
Communities and Activism; the Impacts and Affects of Big Data and Data
Modelling, Representation, Visualisation and Simulation and
interdisciplinary applications of these areas to other research
activities within the Department.

Details and application:

For both:

Location: London
Salary: £47,414 - £55,805
Closing date: 20th November
Dr Oliver Duke-Williams, Department of Information Studies, UCL
tel: 020 7679 7205 twitter: @oliver_dw; Friend of out@UCL
(he/him; how to pronounce:
Programme Director: MA/MSc Digital Humanities:,
Census Service Director, UK Data Service:
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