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        Date: 2022-11-09 14:45:29+00:00
        From: Cornish, Caroline <Caroline.Cornish@RHUL.AC.UK>
        Subject: AHRC ECR Fellowships at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

We're contacting you about a new initiative at Kew to fund ECR
fellowships, funded by AHRC. We’re participating in an AHRC call for ECR
postdoctoral fellowships in cultural and heritage institutions. Further
details about the scheme here:


We are now looking for potential candidates and project ideas in the
arts and humanities and welcome enquiries in particular (but not limited
to) the topics of:

•             Diversifying histories and narratives, uncovering
underexplored collections and opening up opportunities for more
inclusive engagement with heritage.

•             Advancing how we conserve and curate our cultural
infrastructure to serve the needs of future generations, including
innovative applications of digital technologies, data, design thinking
or creative methods.

•             Improved understanding of the cultural heritage of plants
and fungi, whether wild, garden or agricultural, to act as a resource
for healthy, sustainable and prosperous places and communities. For
example, climate change and food security are two current foci of
research at Kew.

•             The impact of nature on human well-being, explored through
subjects within the AHRC remit.

We’d be grateful if you could circulate these details to possible
candidates (or consider applying yourself, if relevant). This call is
open to both UK and international candidates.

There are three stages in the application:

-              Informal discussion with Kew to explore initial ideas. To
set this up, please send a cv and short project summary (a few lines) to
us at Kew and we’ll set up an online meeting. We expect to complete
these initial conversations by early December so as to allow time for
support in completing the EOI form (see below). Contact details: <> and

-              Candidates make a formal Expression of Interest (EOI),
with Kew as host, to the central scheme office, due 16 January 2023.

-              1 or 2 candidates then selected to make final
application, due 30 March 2023.

-              Successful candidates begin fellowships Nov-Dec 2023

Further information, including a series of Town Hall and matchmaking
events, is available at the UKRI website. Kew will be present in-person
or online at the Edinburgh (24 Nov) and London (6 Dec) town halls, and
at the online matchmaking events on 21 Nov and 2 Dec. However, we
strongly encourage candidates to contact us before then.

With kind regards

Caroline Cornish and Mark Nesbitt

Dr. Caroline Cornish
Humanities Research Coordinator
Interdisciplinary Research
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew,
Richmond, TW9 3AE
020 8332 5704 

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