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        Date: 2022-11-06 21:27:57+00:00
        From: Thomas Gloning <>
        Subject: "A Robot Wrote This Entire Article" -- GPT-3

Many thanks, Maurizio, for your pointers.

<<the question is that of the production of text through the use of
systems of AI.

GPT-3. 2020. «A Robot Wrote This Entire Article. Are You Scared yet,
Human?»/The Guardian/, 8 September 2020.
to ... >>

Reading this article, one finds that the result was produced by the
redaction of the "Guardian":

<< ///GPT-3 produced //eight different outputs//, or essays. Each was
unique, interesting and advanced a different argument. The Guardian
could have just run one of the essays in its entirety. However, w//e
//chose instead to //pick//the best parts of each, in order to capture
the different styles and registers of the AI.//Editing GPT-3’s op-ed was
no different to editing a human op-ed. We cut lines and paragraphs, and
rearranged the order of them in some places. Overall, it took less time
to edit than many human op-eds. >>/

/It would have be good to document the eight different GPT-3-essays
together with what the Guardian made of it./

/If you want to read an analysis of what GPT-3 achieved and did not
achieve in a similar case, there is a section in this new book:/

/Gerd Fritz: /Coherence in discourse : a study in dynamic text theory
<> (2022), chapter 11:

I wonder, what GPT-3 would come up with in respect of a somewhat more
diffuse (and more realistic) assignment like: "Please write a theatre
critique on every monday on some memorable theatre event in southern
Germany. Remember that originality and creativity are important maxims
for feuilleton writing."

Thanks again, all best wishes


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