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        Date: 2022-10-12 18:03:28+00:00
        From: Marinella Testori <>
        Subject: Digital Humanities in the Nordic & Baltic Countries

Dear all,

Apologies for cross-posting!

Extended deadline for submission of abstracts to the DHNB2023 conference
“Sustainability: Environment, Community, Data”.

By popular demand from our community, we have extended the deadline for
submitting abstracts for your long papers, panels, show-and-tell
presentations and workshops for the DHNB2023 online conference
<> until Friday, October 21, 2022,
23:59 CEST.

Submit abstracts via ConfTool <>, and see
the call for submissions

Not sure about the format?

   - for you who have completed, original, and unpublished research
   - 400–600 words abstract


   - for you who have several papers from a larger project or research group
   - for you who want to discuss hot topics, explore new ideas, or debate
   topics from different points of view
   - for you who have an idea and are looking for others to collaborate
   with:!  <!>
   - 200–400 words abstract per paper + 200 words overarching panel theme


   - for you who like the poster format at physical conferences!
   - a format especially adapted to work well in a virtual setting
   - for you who have project presentations, tool presentations,
   infrastructure & services presentations
   - 200–300 words abstract


   - for you who want to have a local, in-person event adjacent to the
   virtual conference
   - for you who want to teach a digital tool, method, or other relevant
   research activity
   - for DHNB working groups to gather and present their work
   - for any other format that addresses or embodies aspects of community
   building and maintenance in a local setting
   - during March 2023, before and/or after the conference
   - 400–600 words abstract


Sign up for the DHNB Slack
join the #dhnb2023 channel.

Or write to us at


Annika Rockenberger, Ph.D.
Senior Academic Librarian
Digital Research Methods in the Humanities and Social Sciences
University of Oslo Library

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