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        Date: 2022-09-27 07:58:50+00:00
        From: Elisa Nury <>
        Subject: MARK16 Dataviz Launch

Dear Colleagues,

The FNS MARK16 project is pleased to announce the release of Dataviz, a
geographic data visualization interface:

This visualization shows the 56 manuscripts, by institution, included in our
manuscript room ( It allows to filter our data by
language, manuscript, location and type of institution. The languages are
presented in alphabetical order to highlight some lesser-known manuscripts in
Arabic, Armenian, Coptic, etc. The location indicates, for example, whether the
manuscript is in an institution physically, virtually (as a facsimile), or both.

Dataviz was created with the Peripleo tool
( in collaboration with our
partners at the Pelagios Network (
We would be delighted to hear your feedback and to exchange with other projects
working on similar geographical visualizations of manuscripts!

With best wishes.

On behalf of the MARK16 team,
Elisa Nury (DH+, SIB)

[SIB logo]
Elisa Nury
Research Scientist
SIB | Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
Quartier Sorge, bâtiment Amphipôle - CH 1015 Lausanne - Switzerland
t +41 21 692 40 60 -

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