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Humanist Archives: Sept. 28, 2022, 6:52 a.m. Humanist 36.187 - asst professorship (Toronto / Scarborough)

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        Date: 2022-09-27 15:23:39+00:00
        From: Natalie Rothman <>
        Subject: Please share widely: Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream position in Digital and Public History at the University of Toronto Scarborough

Dear colleagues,

Please help spread the word about an assistant professorship, teaching stream in
digital and public history for which the Department of Historical and Cultural
Studies at UTSC is now accepting applications:

The ad closes November 2nd.

Thank you,

E. Natalie Rothman (she/her)
Professor and Chair
Department of Historical and Cultural Studies

1265 Military Trail, Toronto, Ontario  M1C 1A4
Tel 416-208-2922

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