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        Date: 2022-09-06 19:15:22+00:00
        From: Muira McCammon <>
        Subject: Internet Histories double special issue 6 (1-2), Dead and Dying Platforms

The journal Internet Histories Volume 6 Issue 1-2 has been completed and is
available online.

This is a special double issue "Dead and Dying Platforms" by guest editors
Muira McCammon & Jessa Lingel.

Two articles are Open Access, and one is Free Access for a limited time.

The double issue may be accessed here: 



Situating dead-and-dying platforms: technological failure, infrastructural
precarity, and digital decline
Muira McCammon & Jessa Lingel


Dead-and-dying platforms: a roundtable
Muira McCammon, Diami Virgilio, Cody Ogden, Kevin Ackermann,
Ethan Zuckerman, Robert Gehl, Saima Akhtar, Sultan Al-Azri, Catherine
Knight Steele, Amber M. Hamilton, Anat Ben-David, Sarah Wasserman,
Sara Namusoga-Kaale & Joy Lisi Rankin


Why does a platform die? Diagnosing platform death at Friendster’s end
Frances Corry

“Tom had us all doing front-end web development”: a nostalgic (re)imagining
of Myspace | Open Access
Kate M. Miltner & Ysabel Gerrard

The four deaths of Couchsurfing and the changing ecology of the web
Karolina Mikołajewska-Zając & Attila Márton

Porn bans, purges, and rebirths: the biopolitics of platform death in queer
Diana Floegel

“Everything on the internet can be saved”: Archive Team, Tumblr and
the cultural significance of web archiving | Open Access
Jessica Ogden

Forgotten passwords and Long-Gone exes: the life and death of Renren
Lianrui Jia

“They’re describing Yelp in 1992!”: revisiting the Blacksburg
Electronic Village
Tamara Kneese

The rise and fall of MapQuest
Rowan Wilken

“Yakety yak: Don’t talk back”: An autopsy of anonymity gone awry
Kathryn Montalbano

r/WatchRedditDie and the politics of reddit’s bans and quarantines
Julia R. DeCook

A ‘lifetime of indentured servitude:’ rights, labor, and gender anxieties
in a dead men’s rights newsgroup
Alexis de Coning

The death of GeoCities: seeking destruction and platform eulogies in
Web archives
Katie Mackinnon | Free Access

Book Reviews

Social Media and the Automatic Production of Memory:
Classification, Ranking, and Sorting of the Past by Ben Jacobsen and David
Beer, Bristol University Press, Bristol, 2021. Hardcover, pp. 116, ISBN:
Kira Allmann

Wikipedia @ 20, stories of an incomplete revolution, edited by
joseph reagle and jackie koerner, the MIT press (2020),
cambridge, Massachusetts; london, England, U.S. $27.95
Helen Hockx-Yu

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