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        Date: 2022-09-05 12:23:03+00:00
        From: Gethin Rees <>
        Subject: Pelagios Visualisation talk with Olivia Vane

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Pelagios Network 
Visualisation Activity’s annual open talk with Olivia
Vane, 28 September 2022, 5pm BST (online through Zoom)

This year we are excited that Olivia Vane will speak to us about her work
on data visualisation for The Economist <>.
Examples of the beautiful geographical and temporal visualisations that Olivia
has created working in cultural heritage, humanities research and now
journalism can be found here <>. The
talk follows those in previous years delivered by Elijah Meeks and Johanna

Olivia joined The Economist’s Data Journalism team in 2021 after a number
of years writing software in the Digital Humanities. She previously did a
PhD visualising digitised museum collections and later was a member of
the Living with Machines <> research project 
at The British Library and The Alan Turing Institute. This talk is a
behind-the-scenes look at making data visualisations at The Economist —
projects ranging across election data, popular culture, and politics and
economics. Olivia will shed light on how these projects move from
prototypes to the final published version, and contrast making
data visualisations in journalism with her time in research.

Don't miss it!

   1. Sign up using the form at
   2. Put the date in your diary (you can use one of the links below) and
   await joining instructions. (28 September 2022, 17.00 BST 18.00 CET 9.00
   PT 12.00 ET)
   3. As this is an open talk please feel free to advertise widely!

Best wishes,
Gethin Rees & Stephen Gadd
(Pelagios visualisation activity coordinators)

Dr Gethin Rees
Lead Curator, Digital Mapping
British Library

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