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        Date: 2022-09-02 05:31:01+00:00
        From: Darren Purcell <>
        Subject: Univ. of Oklahoma - GIS Post, Renewable Term (DH and Historical GIS applicants encouraged)

Hello all,

The Univ. of Oklahoma Geography and Environmental
Sustainability department is seeking applications for a ranked,
renewable term post. The department is composed of humanists, social
scientists, and GIS/physical scientists and there is broad agreement
that the successful candidate does not have to be a physical scientist.


The Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability (DGES) at
the University of Oklahoma (
<>) invites applications for a renewable-term
assistant professor who will direct our online Master's of Science
program in geospatial technologies (
<>) and teach in the area of geospatial
research and practice (e.g.,*Digital Humanities; Historical GIS;
Qualitative, Participatory or Critical GIS; (*emphasis mine) and/or
Physical Geography Applications, especially those utilizing UAVs or
LiDAR data). This position is a ranked renewable term position (of a
five-year duration) with the potential for promotion to ranked renewable
associate professor at the end of the initial term. Applicants are
required to possess a PhD in Geography or a related discipline at time
of appointment. The successful applicant will be expected to teach three
courses per semester in DGES, to serve as director of the DGES online
Master's of Science in Geospatial Technologies, and to contribute to
mentorship and advisementfor students in our growing graduate program.
The position is 60% teaching and 40% service; however, the exact
distribution of this breakdown could include some research and is
subject to final negotiation. Preferred qualifications include: being
fluent in a wide range of geospatial applications and being capable of
building and nurturing relationships with alumni, geospatial industries,
and other business realms where geospatial applications are utilized.

The complete job description and application link can be found here: <>

Best wishes,

Darren Purcell

Associate Professor
Dept. of Geography and Environmental Sustainability
Film and Media Studies <> Affiliate Faculty

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