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        Date: 2022-09-01 21:00:39+00:00
        From: Kayley Hart <>
        Subject: Registration is Open! Digital Editions: Start to Finish – Fall 2022

Dear all,

The Center of Digital Humanities Research at Texas A&M University is
happy to announce that we are offering a remote course this fall,
"Digital Editions: Start to Finish", through our continuing education
program Programming4Humanists!

Registration is now open! Additional information is below. Please
visit our website ( for more
details, or visit our online store at the following link to register:

Please contact us at with any questions.


Digital Editions: Start to Finish

In this online webinar offered every Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon
Central US Time (Chicago), starting September 30, 2022 and finishing
on December 9, 2022 (11 weeks), we will go through all the necessary
steps for creating a digital edition of texts, beginning with coding
plays, novels, letters, stories, and poems in TEI, using and modifying
XSLT programs that transform these TEI documents into Web pages, and
then launching the digital edition on the web. We will also introduce
participants to XPath and XQuery. Taught by a team of five people,
some graduates from previous versions of this webinar, the course has
been streamlined by offering to participants pre-made XSLT and CSS
files that, when used, enable launching a digital edition by
Thanksgiving! We hope you can join us.

All class sessions will be recorded and posted for participants whose
schedules conflict with the live meeting time. More detailed
information, including the course syllabus, can be found on our


Kayley Hart | Program Coordinator
Project Manager, The Feminist Controversy in England
Center of Digital Humanities Research (CoDHR)
Texas A&M University | LAAH 446

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