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        Date: 2022-05-17 04:39:07+00:00
        From: Martin Foys <>
        Subject: Update on the Old English Poetry in Facsimile (OEPF) project

[This from ANSAXNET, Humanist's oldest and always friendly competitor 
for the honour of first for the humanities among online discussion groups. 
Actually, my memory is that it predates Humanist by a month or so. 
Correction welcome. --WM]

Dear all,

It's been a while since I sent out a comprehensive update on the Old
English Poetry in Facsimile (OEPF) project - our ten-year initiative to 
produce open-access editions of the entire corpus of Old English 
poetry, re-edited to now-available digital facsimiles, and supported 
with development funds from the National Endowment for the 
Humanities and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

You can access the project here:


So here's  a quick update:

     • /OEPF is/ collaborative, open-access resource linking together
     moments of digital manuscript images, transcriptions, editorial
     annotations and translations of Old English poetry.

     • Editions practice "restorative retention" - emending only as a
     last resort, and with an emphasis on description rather than
     prescription wherever possible - in an effort to better preserve and
     understand linguistic and poetic heterogeneity found in Old English

     /• OEPF/ recently crossed the milestone of over 10,000 lines edited
     - covering 173 individual works of Old English verse - and so over
     33% of the poetic corpus. Taken together with Kevin Kiernan's
     /Electronic Beowulf and Dan O'Donnell's "Cædmon's Hymn" online
     edition, /OEPF/ now provides online, digital editions of 44% of the
     entire Old English poetic corpus. We expect to finish work around 2028.

     •/A complete list of the 173 works already edited to digital facsimiles 
     and currently available is provided at the end of this email. /

     • All editions also provide access to digital facsimiles of the
     relevant manuscript or object images (also edited with
     commentary linked to the editorial transcription), and a full modern
     English translation.

     • With updates to the 2.1 version of the /Digital Mappa/ platform
     (,      /OEPF /editions now have the ability to 
     layer images under the same set of annotations - this is specifically 
     useful for texts like the Boethian Meters, whichuse multi-spectral 
     images generously provided by the /Electronic Boethius Project/

     For a quick image of what this looks like with a Boethian Meter, go
     or for how this willl work with the digital edition of /Andreas
     /(currently in production) and the 19th-century reagent stains by C.
     Maier, here:


And speaking of Twitter, for updates of when /OEPF /publishes new
editions in the project, you can follow the project here: (@digitalmappa).

Best, and be well - on behalf of the entire /OEPF /editorial team, past
and present hope you find these editions of some use!

~ Martin Foys


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