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        Date: 2022-08-25 04:45:23+00:00
        From: Paul Henman <>
        Subject: PhD scholarship on AI/Automated Decision Making in Society @ University of Queensland, Australia

A premium PhD scholarship of AUD $31,000 per annum is available at the
University of Queensland, Australia to work on one of the following

   *   Developing approaches for observing automated and dark
advertising on digital platforms. The candidate would work with
researchers on the ADM+S ad
observatory<> to develop and
extend tools and approaches for observing and analysing advertising, in
addition to using innovative digital methods, the research project could
also use complementary critical and qualitative approaches and could be
oriented toward debates about platform civics and accountability. This
project will be supervised by Associate Professor Nicholas Carah (School
of Communications and Arts,<>).
   *   Explanations of AI-assisted reasoning in the provision of public
services. The candidate will investigate the nature and scope of the
legal duty to give an explanation, and what might constitute meaningful
explanations of government automated decisions. This project will be
supervised by Dr Robert Mullins (School of Law,<>).
   *   Co-design of AI for social services. The candidate will work with
researchers in the ADM+S Centre and other social welfare organisations
to identify digital technology responses and/or test co-design
approaches to enhance the experience of social service users (e.g. in
social welfare, criminal justice, housing, health). This project will be
supervised by Professor Paul Henman (School of Social Science,<>).

for further details


Professor Paul Henman
Professor for Digital Sociology & Social Policy | School of Social Science
UQ Node Leader | ARC CoE for Automated Decision-Making & Society,
The University of Queensland
Brisbane Qld 4072 Australia

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