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        Date: 2022-08-05 12:56:42+00:00
        From: Gioele Barabucci <>
        Subject: Job opportunity: research assistant (software development) at FID/SIS Philosophy (Uni Cologne)

The FID (Fachinformationsdienst) of the faculty of Philosophy of the
University of Cologne is hiring for a *research assistant with a focus
on software development*.

Topics: Linked Open Data, Wikidata, research data, Web technologies.


Detailed job ad:

The position is part-time (65% FTE) and paid according to the paygroup
TV-L 13.

The FID (Fachinformationsdienst)/SIS (Specialised Information Service)
of the faculty of Philosophy of the University of Cologne is developing
an online portal that is intended to simplify and optimise access to
specialist literature and research-relevant information for
philosophical science. The FID Philosophy caters to the cutting-edge
needs of German-language philosophical research. In addition to being
part of the faculty-wide infrastructure, the FID also serves as an
interface to the NFDI consortium text+.

The FID Philosophy is a project managed by the University and City
Library of Cologne in close cooperation with the Department of
Philosophy and the Cologne Center for eHumanities (CCeH) of the
University of Cologne. The FID Philosophy is funded by the Deutsche
Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation).

Prof. Dr. Gioele Barabucci <>
Associate Professor of Computer Science
NTNU — Norwegian University of Science and Technology

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