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Humanist Archives: June 12, 2021, 7:08 a.m. Humanist 35.84 - PhD studentship (Trondheim); project manager (Houston)

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    [1]    From: Annette Lykknes <annette.lykknes@NTNU.NO>
           Subject: PhD position - Drawing to learn in science (59)

    [2]    From: Gauthereau, Lorena <lgauther@Central.UH.EDU>
           Subject: Job post: Project Manager for El Proyecto de literatura puertorriqueña/Puerto Rican Literature Project (PLPR) (44)

        Date: 2021-06-12 05:41:10+00:00
        From: Annette Lykknes <annette.lykknes@NTNU.NO>
        Subject: PhD position - Drawing to learn in science

PhD position in Drawing to learn in science

A PhD position is available at the Department of Teacher education at
NTNU. This is an educational position that shall provide promising
research recruits the opportunity for professional development through
studies towards a PhD. The position is connected to the PhD-program in
Educational Science at the faculty of Social and Educational Science and
the faculty will be your employer.

The position is connected to the ScienceHumanities research group
coordinated from the Natural science section at the Department. The
research group applies perspectives from the humanities and the social
sciences to the study of natural science (including science in school)
as a discipline and cultural practice, past and present. Studies of
cultures of text and (re)presentation of science, how the Nature of
Science is taught in the classroom, students’ understanding of science,
and practical experiments in science teaching are included in this. For
more information, see

We are looking for a highly motivated candidate to participate in a
research endeavor focusing on Drawing to Learn in Science. We are
interested in how drawing supports learning-to-think in science, and
also how it can engage creativity for science learning.

Drawing to explore, model, represent and communicate scientific
understanding and reasoning is inherent to scientific practice. The
practice of drawing is intertwined with the history and nature of
science in terms of how scientific knowledge is, and has been, produced
and justified. When it comes to student learning, drawing has been shown
to contribute to observation skill, enhanced recall, to make
understanding explicit and to organize knowledge effectively, leading to
deep learning. However, there is a lack of studies of how and why
teachers include drawing activities in the science classrooms and how
student engage in drawing as a science practice. Other relevant
questions to ask are what knowledge and skills teachers need in order to
make use of Drawing to Learn in Science in their classrooms, and how
such knowledge and skills can be developed through pre- and in-service

We invite applicants to submit a research proposal within the theme
Drawing to Learn in Science and linked to the ScienceHumanities research
group. We are open to different scientific approaches to the topic and
different educational contexts.

For more information, see the job advert: PhD candidate in Drawing to
Learn in Science (207694) | NTNU - Norwegian University of Science and
Technology (

If you have any questions about the position, please contact please
contact project leader, Associate professor
Helena Bichão (+47 73412848 / +47 91527735, chair
of the ScienceHumanities research group, Professor Annette Lykknes (+47
73590496 / +47 48031517, or head of the science 
section at Department of Teacher Education, John Magne Grindeland 
(+47 73559877 / +47 97180375,

        Date: 2021-06-11 19:31:58+00:00
        From: Gauthereau, Lorena <lgauther@Central.UH.EDU>
        Subject: Job post: Project Manager for El Proyecto de literatura puertorriqueña/Puerto Rican Literature Project (PLPR)

The University of Houston seeks a full time Project Manager for El Proyecto de
literatura puertorriqueña/Puerto Rican Literature Project (PLPR)

Work in collaboration with PLPR team and under the supervision of the Director
of Research to ensure completion of grant project activities.

  *   Manage day-to-day operations for PLPR, including development, planning,
implementation, creation and support of digital projects (metadata creation,
database record set creation, scanning, recording, uploading, visualizations,
book reviews, publications, etc.).
  *   Plan, implement and create workflows for project tasks.
  *   Track the phases and completion of project tasks.
  *   Write and submit status reports to the PLPR team.
  *   Schedule and participate in PLPR meetings.

  *   Collaborate with the PLPR team to develop digital projects.
  *   Collaborate with PLPR team to organize events related to the project.
  *   Manage social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter accounts) for PLPR.
  *   Investigate and share information regarding funding opportunities and
participate in grant-writing and grants administration.
  *   Participate in yearly evaluation on the direction of the PLPR initiative
and planning.
  *   Perform other job-related duties as assigned or directed.

Please see job posting for more information:

Thank you,

Dr. Lorena Gauthereau
Digital Programs Manager
US Latino Digital Humanities, #usLdh
Recovering the US Hispanic Literary Heritage
Center for Mexican American Studies
University of Houston

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