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Humanist Archives: May 5, 2022, 9:52 a.m. Humanist 35.686 - models for hybrids?

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        Date: 2022-05-05 08:48:55+00:00
        From: Willard McCarty <>
        Subject: models for hybrids?

As pandemic time has elapsed it's become clear that hybrid arrangements
for events continue to be a good idea, at least both for those who are
playing it safe and for ongoing seminars, workshops and the like that
have experienced gains, sometimes large, in attendance.

So, what does our experience with hybridization tell us? Is there
consensus that we've discovered (been forced into) something that is
worth continuing as an option for academic events? Are there models for
how a hybrid event is best done? Examples of what not to do?

Responses to these questions would be greatly appreciated.


Willard McCarty,
Professor emeritus, King's College London;
Editor, Interdisciplinary Science Reviews;  Humanist

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