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    [1]    From: Francesca.Benatti <>
           Subject: CfP: Margins22. Hypertext, Electronic Literature, Digital Humanities (137)

    [2]    From: gimena del rio riande <>
           Subject: AAHD-International Conference (39)

        Date: 2022-05-03 16:52:22+00:00
        From: Francesca.Benatti <>
        Subject: CfP: Margins22. Hypertext, Electronic Literature, Digital Humanities

Call for Papers

Margins22: On the Margins: Hypertext, Electronic Literature, Digital Humanities

Senate House, University of London
December 15-16, 2022

Submission link
Submission deadline
July 4, 2022

Since its early days as a series of experimental approaches, the Hypertext
paradigm has proven itself vital in dealing with what Ted Nelson called “deep
structural changes in the arrangements of ideas and phenomena.” Whether we
conceive of Hypertext as non-sequential writing that branches and allows choices
to the reader, or as a body of written or pictorial material interconnected in
such a complex way that it could not conveniently be represented on paper,
thinking in Hypertext has become a ubiquitous part of everyday life.

In our research lives, Hypertext technologies and methodologies are similarly
amongst the most prominent and visible outcomes of the “digital age.” Mature
products of its investigation by research communities can be found in the work
of Electronic Literature scholars and practitioners, Hypertext and Hypermedia
specialists, and researchers in the Digital Humanities. However, owing perhaps
to their disparate angles of investigation and the sheer scope of activity,
these research communities remain fragmented and somehow “on the margins” of
wider Humanities and Computer Science scholarship.

We invite members of the Hypertext, Electronic Literature and Digital Humanities
communities, including PhD and Early Career Researchers, to come together for a
two-day conference reflecting on how Hypertext has shaped our research and
creative practices, to build research opportunities between sympathetic
communities, and to envision how to push the boundaries of Hypertext beyond its
current incarnations. We want to inaugurate a space that will promote debate and
connections, building new understanding at the crossroads between disciplines.

We are planning to hold the conference in person, but can make arrangements to
show pre-recorded presentations if you are unable to attend.

Call for contributions

Potential topics include but are not limited to:

  *   Studying digital reading experience
  *   Describing “book history” for digital formats
  *   Redefinitions of authorship and collaboration
  *   New literary forms enabled by electronic literature
  *   Multilingual and translingual digital texts and practices
  *   Transmediality
  *   Born-digital archives, genres and emerging formats
  *   Digital scholarly editions
  *   Approaches to digital inclusion
  *   Pedagogy and hypertext applications
  *   Social media
  *   Experimental or early research

Submission formats

Submission link:

The conference will include three tracks:

  *   Full papers (15-20 minutes)
  *   Posters and Lightning talks (5-10 minutes; PGR and ECR contributions
particularly welcome)
  *   Tutorials for tools and demos

  *   For full papers, we invite extended abstracts of 2,000-4,000 (4-8 pages in
the ACM CHI Extended Abstract format), plus references.

  *   For posters and lightning talks, we invite extended abstracts of 300-1,000
words (2-4 pages in the ACM CHI Extended Abstract format), plus references.

  *   Accepted abstracts will be published in a peer-reviewed, Open Access
volume in the Conference Proceedings of ACM series.

  *    See this page for submission templates<
authors/presenting/papers/chi-publication-formats/>; both Word and LaTeX formats

The choice of the extended abstract format bridges practices between the
Humanities and Hypertext communities, promoting the inclusion of scholars at
different career stages and leaving a lasting legacy for the conference that can
continue to benefit the research community. Please note that not all elements of
the template will be relevant to all submissions.

For tutorials, proposals should provide the following information:

  *   title and brief description of the content or topic and its relevance to
the conference theme (not more than 1000 words);
  *   full contact information for all tutorial instructors, including a one-
paragraph statement summarising their research interests and areas of expertise;
  *   description of target audience and expected number of participants (based,
if possible, on past experience);
  *   any special requirements for technical support
  *   a brief outline showing that the core content can be covered in
approximately 2 hours, plus breaks

Confirmed Keynote speakers

  *   Gustavo Gomez-Mejia (University of Tours)
  *   James O’Sullivan (University College Cork)

Conference programme committee

  *   Alessio Antonini (Open University)
  *   Francesca Benatti (Open University)
  *   Sam Brooker (Richmond)
  *   Christopher Ohge (School of Advanced Study, University of London)
  *   Naomi Wells (School of Advanced Study, University of London)
  *   Jane Winters (School of Advanced Study, University of London)

Important dates

  *   Paper, poster and workshop submission by 4 July 2022
  *   Acceptance by 5 September 2022

Submission link:


Best wishes,
Francesca Benatti

Dr Francesca Benatti | Research Fellow in Digital Humanities
My pronouns are: she/her
Department of English and Creative Writing | School of Arts and Humanities
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
The Open University, Perry C Building, Ground Floor, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes,
Tel: +44 (0) 1908 659743 | Email:<>

        Date: 2022-05-03 16:33:16+00:00
        From: gimena del rio riande <>
        Subject: AAHD-International Conference

Dear Colleagues,

The Argentine Association of Digital Humanities/Asociación Argentina de
Humanidades Digitales (AAHD) invites you to participate in its Fifth
International Conference: Digital Humanities. Perspectives from the South,
to be held at Universidad Nacional del Comahue (National University of
Comahue)-Facultad de Lenguas (Faculty of Languages ), General Roca city
(Füskü Menuko, in Mapuche language), Argentina, 17-10 November, 2022.

The deadline for sending abstracts for short 15 minute paper presentations
and workshops is May 31st, 2022.

The languages for the conference are Spanish, English, and Portuguese.
There will be additional workshops, networking events, keynotes and the
possibility to engage in leisure activities to get to know the Patagonian

The CFP can be found on our site at
(CfP in English attached in landing  page).

Asociación Argentina de Humanidades Digitales

Dra. Gimena del Rio Riande
Investigadora Adjunta. IIBICRIT, CONICET 
Asociación Argentina de Humanidades Digitales: 
Coordinadora HD Lab (CAICYT): 
Twitter: @gimenadelr 

Marcelo T. de Alvear 1694 (1060). Buenos Aires - Argentina

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