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Humanist Archives: May 3, 2022, 10:52 a.m. Humanist 35.679 - pubs cfp: entanglement of computing & our cultural challenges

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        Date: 2022-05-02 19:08:41+00:00
        From: Arianna Borrelli <anews@WEATHERGLASS.DE>
        Subject: 2nd CfP Computing Cultures: Historical and Philosophical Perspectives - Special Issue Minds and Machines

2nd Call for Papers for Minds and Machines
Special Issue on
Computing Cultures: Historical and Philosophical Perspectives

Following HaPoC-6 Conference

Guest Editors:
Juan Luis Gastaldi (ETH Zurich) and Luc Pellissier (Université de
Paris-Est Créteil)

Digital machines of the 20th century were inspired by the biological
individual, replacing the cultural and social image of machines from the
19th century with a solipsistic mental one. However, the growing
cultural import of computing practices has become ever more pressing
with the spectacular deployment of computers in all the dimensions of
social life. Not only have cultural phenomena increasingly become the
object of computational analysis, but computational practices have also
proved inseparable from the cultural environment in which they evolve.
Computing cultures thus extend the boundaries of our different cultural
environments, as well as those of computational practices.

Under the title “Computing Cultures”, this special issue will critically
address the entanglement of computing practices with the main cultural
challenges our epoch is facing. The global and collective nature of such
problems (such as climate change, global pandemics, systemic
inequalities, the resurgence of totalitarianism, and others) requires a
comprehensive perspective on computing, where social and cultural
aspects occupy a central position. For those reasons, thinking about
machines asks today for an interdisciplinary approach, where art is as
necessary as engineering, anthropological insights as important as
psychological models, and the critical perspectives of history and
philosophy as decisive as the axioms and theorems of theoretical
computer science.

For more than a decade, the “History and Philosophy of Computing”
Conference (HaPoC) has been contributing to building such an
interdisciplinary community and environment. This SI follows the 6th
edition of HaPoC, hosted at the ETH Turing Centre in Zurich in October
2021. However, the SI is not restricted to HaPoC-6 contributed authors
but is also open to submissions outside the Conference.

We invite papers focusing, among other topics, especially on computing
and current cultural challenges under the following approaches:

• Historical and philosophical perspectives
• Social, cultural, and pedagogical aspects of computing
• Computing and the human sciences
• Epistemological dimensions of computing
• Computing technologies
• Computing and the arts

Deadline for paper submissions: June 28th, 2022.

For more details concerning this SI, see the webpage for this call.

Submissions via:

General Submission Guidelines here.

Juan Luis Gastaldi ( and Luc Pellissier

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