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Humanist Archives: May 2, 2022, 9:02 a.m. Humanist 35.676 - pubs: anthroponormative restricted artistic AI

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        Date: 2022-05-02 06:37:13+00:00
        From: William Benzon <>
        Subject: MediArXiv Preprints | The Paradox of Anthroponormative Restriction: Artistic Artificial Intelligence and Literary Writing


This should be of interest, no?


Artificial intelligence, in the shape of stochastic machine learning models, has
seen an increased use in artistic production in recent years. However, it makes
an immense difference if such an ‘artistic Artificial Intelligence’ is conceived
of as an autonomous agent or only as a tool in the context of a human-machine
assemblage. In this paper, I introduce the distinction between a strong and a
weak artistic AI, and suggest that each invites a specific aesthetic: The former
is inherently anthropocentric, strives for the reduplication of existing
artforms, and reproduces concepts of a postromantic tradition such as
expression, genius, and creativity; it is anthroponormatively restrictive. The
latter, on the other hand, allows for an experimental approach towards genuine
artistic novelty unhampered by human models through, paradoxically, keeping a
human in the loop. I illustrate this point by discussing Ahmed Elgammal’s
‘Creative Adversarial Network’ and the digital poetry of Allison Parrish and
Zach Whalen. <>

William Benzon

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