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        Date: 2022-04-25 12:37:36+00:00
        From: AEOLIAN Project <>
        Subject: Archives, Access and AI

Dear colleagues,

I am pleased to announce that my edited collection “Archives, Access and AI” has
just been published open access:

Digital archives are transforming the Humanities and the Sciences. Digitized
collections of newspapers and books have pushed scholars to develop new, data-
rich methods. Born-digital archives are now better preserved and managed thanks
to the development of open-access and commercial software. Digital Humanities
have moved from the fringe to the center of academia. Yet, the path from the
appraisal of records to their analysis is far from smooth. This book explores
crossovers between various disciplines to improve the discoverability,
accessibility, and use of born-digital archives and other cultural assets.

With great chapters by Jane Winters, Mark Bell, Tom Storrar, Melissa Terras,
Martin Paul Eve, Paul Gooding, and many others! Introduction and Chapter 3 by
myself. Afterword by Richard Marciano.

A big thank you to the contributors of this edited collection. I hope it will
foster more collaborations between academics (including Humanities scholars and
computer scientists) and professionals in libraries, archives and museums.

Best wishes,
Dr Lise Jaillant | Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)
School of Social Sciences and Humanities | Loughborough University, UK

UK PI for three AHRC-funded projects:

  1.  EyCon<> (Visual AI and Early Conflict
Photography) in partnership with French researchers
  2.  AEOLIAN<> (UK/ US: AI for Cultural
  3.  AURA<> (Archives in the UK/ Republic of
Ireland & AI): “Bringing together Digital Humanists, Computer Scientists &
stakeholders to unlock cultural assets”

My two latest articles:
_single author: “How can we make born-digital and digitised archives more
accessible? Identifying obstacles and
Archival Science (2022).
_co-authored with a computer scientist: “Unlocking digital archives: cross-
disciplinary perspectives on AI and born-digital
data<>.” AI & Society (2022).

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