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        Date: 2022-04-14 15:57:17+00:00
        From: Katherine D. Harris <>
        Subject: EVENT: To Mint or Not To Mint: The NFT Question - (VIRTUAL) Thursday, April 28

Hi All -- We are on fire here at SJSU at the end of the semester! Another
day of really interesting virtual events - this one sponsored by our brand
new Digital Humanities Center @ SJSU (the first of many) and King Library.

Are you Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) curious? Want to know how artists and
entrepreneurs are using NFTs to overturn traditional systems of marketing, 
sales, and governance of creative works?

Want to learn about the potential opportunities and challenges of
implementing this new crypto-focused technology?

Then join us on April 28 from 10am-3pm (PDT) for an interactive day of
panel discussions sharing perspectives from all sides of the technology. 
We’ll ask you to decide if the risk is worth the reward - to mint or not to mint!

Register here for this virtual event!

Program Schedule
April 28, 2022

Intro to NFTs for Beginners
A NFT Primer presented by San Jose State University Library

Welcome and Opening Participant Poll - To Mint or Not To Mint?
Michael Meth
Dean and NFT Enthusiast, SJSU King Library

NFTs and Creators - Opportunity and Obstacle
Rhonda Holberton 
Artist and Associate Professor of Digital Media
Tony Parisi
author, Metaverse; Pioneer, Former VP Unity Technologies
Christopher Lafayette
Emergent Technologist and Founder of Gatherverse

12:00 -1:30pm
Breakout Demos and Lunch

NFTs and Entrepreneurs - Adventure and Adversity
Ahmed Banafa 
Blockchain Author and Professor of Engineering
Tammy Maggs <>, 
CoFounder of MetaClub LLC and MetaWomen Show
Tony Zanders <>, 
Founder and CEO of Skilltype

Closing Discussion and Closing Participant Poll

Dr. Katherine D. Harris (she/her)
Director, Public Programming <>,
College of Humanities & the Arts
Professor, Department of English & Comparative Literature
San Jose State University
Research Blog:
Co-Editor, Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities
Author, Forget Me Not: The Rise of the British Literary Annual, 1823-1835

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