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        Date: 2022-04-08 21:44:13+00:00
        From: Clarisse Bardiot <>
        Subject: [POST-DOC Position] Marie S. Curie - Call for expression of interest

[POST-DOC Position] MemoRekall: an open source video-annotation tool to document
and preserve time-based media art

Call for expression of interest

The Marie S. Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship (MSCA-PF) programme
fellowships> is a highly prestigious renowned EU-funded scheme. It offers
talented scientists a unique chance to set up 2-year research and training
projects with the support of a supervising team. Besides providing an attractive
grant, it represents a major opportunity to boost the career of promising

The University Rennes 2  <
rennes-2-university>and the Research Laboratory “Arts : Pratiques et poétiques”
<> is thus
looking for excellent postdoctoral researchers with an international profile to
write a persuasive proposal to apply for a Marie S. Curie Postdoctoral
Fellowship grant in 2022 (deadline of the EU call set on 14 September 2022). The
topic and research team presented below have been identified in this regard.

Keywords : Video annotation, IIIF, performing arts, documentation and
preservation of time-based media art, creative processes, GLAM, experimental
publishing, citizen science, digital traces

Research project description

Clarisse Bardiot, in collaboration with developers, artists, designers, and
cultural institutions initiated a research project on the documentation and
preservation of contemporary performing arts from its digital traces. Research
conducted over the past decade has highlighted the paradigm shift and the deep
challenges of digital traces for performing arts. Moreover, they allow us to
offer new insights on the study of the performances and their creative process,
specifically from historical and aesthetic perspectives. One of the outputs of
this research is MemoRekall, a web app focusing on video recordings, often
considered to be one of the most important traces of performances. Memorekall is
an open-source video annotation tool that allows linking other digital traces,
be they external documents (photos, playbills, scores, technical informations)
or web pages. The arrangement of documents, links, and annotations creates a new
document, called a “capsule,” that can be embedded into a web page. The capsules
organization is developed from and around video recordings in a hypertextual
logic. MemoRekall is used by artists, cultural institutions, publishers, and
school teachers from high school and college, far beyond the academic sphere and
the performing arts. Today, more than 2 500 capsules have been produced. The
project has given rise to numerous articles, talks, and workshops in France and
abroad. Partners include the French Ministry of Culture, Huma-Num, and the MSHB.
Since 2021, in the context of two European projects (H2020 Coeso on citizen
science and Erasmus + Cosmic on new pedagogical tools for circus schools),
Clarisse Bardiot is developing a new version with Tetras Libre developers,
introducing new functionalities deriving from field studies.

The Postdoctoral fellow will work on this new phase of this project, bringing
his expertise and research project. Relevant approaches include (but are not
limited to) creative processes analysis, citizen science, digital cultural
heritage, experimental publishing, and digital literacy. Partnerships with the
GLAM sector are welcome. A 6-month secondment can be envisaged at a cultural
institution in order to test results, conduct field studies or improve
MemoRekall or at start up Tetras Libre in order to contribute to the development
of the app.

Deadline : 01/05/2022

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