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    [1]    From: Wajdi Zaghouani <>
           Subject: First CFP: EMNLP 2022 (71)

    [2]    From: Stacy Reardon <>
           Subject: Present a Virtual Poster at the UC Berkeley DH Fair 2022! | Deadline Monday, April 25th (42)

        Date: 2022-04-03 20:24:23+00:00
        From: Wajdi Zaghouani <>
        Subject: First CFP: EMNLP 2022

First Call for Papers

Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing EMNLP 2022

7th --11th December 2021


The 2022 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing
(EMNLP 2022) invites the submission of long and short papers on
substantial, original, and unpublished research on empirical methods for
Natural Language Processing. As in recent years, some of the presentations
at the conference will be for papers accepted by the Transactions of the
ACL (TACL) and Computational Linguistics (CL) journals.

EMNLP 2022 will follow EMNLP 2021 and go with a hybrid format with respect
to ARR. This means that while EMNLP will accept ARR-reviewed papers, it
will also accept submissions directly to EMNLP through the START system.
However, in order to keep the review load on the community as a whole
manageable, we need to ask authors to decide up-front if they want to be
reviewed through ARR or EMNLP. For detailed submission information, please
refer to our webpage. Here we highlight changes:

Important Dates

Anonymity period begins: May 24, 2022
Abstract deadline for START direct submissions: June 17, 2022
Direct paper submission deadline (long & short papers): June 24, 2022
Submission deadline for ARR papers (with meta review): July 24, 2022

Author response period: Aug 23 – Aug 29, 2022
Notification of acceptance (long & short papers): Oct 6, 2022
Camera-ready papers due (long & short papers): Oct 21, 2022

Workshops & Tutorials: December 7-8, 2022
Conference: December 9-11, 2022

All deadlines are 11.59 pm UTC -12h (“anywhere on Earth”).

Mandatory Discussion of Limitations

We believe that it is also important to discuss the limitations of your
work, in addition to its strengths. EMNLP 2022 requires all papers to have
a clear discussion of limitations, in a dedicated section titled
“Limitations”. This section will appear at the end of the paper, after the
discussion/conclusions section, and before the references, and will not
count towards the page limit. Papers without a limitation section will be
automatically rejected without review.

ARR-reviewed papers that did not include a “Limitations” section in their
prior submission, should submit a PDF with such a section together with
their EMNLP 2022 submission.

EMNLP 2022 Theme Track: “Open questions, major obstacles, and unresolved
issues in NLP”

Following the success of previous major NLP conferences theme tracks, we
are happy to announce that EMNLP 2022 will have a new theme with the goal
of reflecting and stimulating discussion about the state of the field, with
a forward looking focus of exposing what is yet to be done, and how to get
there: “Open questions, major obstacles, and unresolved issues in NLP.”
While we believe this theme naturally invites position papers, we
especially encourage thought-provoking contributions that support their
arguments with empirical evidence, in the tradition of EMNLP.

If you have further questions, please email the program co-chairs at

        Date: 2022-04-03 18:38:11+00:00
        From: Stacy Reardon <>
        Subject: Present a Virtual Poster at the UC Berkeley DH Fair 2022! | Deadline Monday, April 25th

Present a virtual poster at the UC Berkeley DH Fair! We are accepting
proposals for complete and in-progress digital humanities and cultural
analytics projects. The deadline is Monday, April 25th.

Propose a Poster

   * We welcome all work in the digital humanities and cultural analytics.
   * Projects can be in any stage of progress (think about a poster as
     being a low-stakes visual to provide a focus to discuss your work).
   * Deadline for proposals: Monday, April 25th by 11:59pm.
   * Proposal Form:

About the UC Berkeley DH Fair
Tuesday, May 3, 2022
1:10pm: Keynote: Lauren Tilton (Online: Zoom)
2:30pm: Virtual Poster Session & Social Event (Online: Gather)

The DH Fair is an annual event that offers the UC Berkeley community and
beyond the opportunity to share projects at various stages of
development, receive invaluable feedback from peers, and reflect on the
field. This year's events include a keynote speech from Lauren Tilton
(University of Richmond) at 1pm PST.

This year, we're hosting an online, interactive environment on Gather
( <>), where participants
can present their work as posters and simply walk around and chat with
others. Come meet other researchers in the digital humanities!

Please note that spots are limited for the Virtual Poster Session. We're
prioritizing participants who have work they'd like to share as a poster
on Gather.

More Details

Stacy Reardon (she/her)
Literatures and Digital Humanities Librarian

Join the DH Working Group! <>

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